Teemu Kumpulainen, Ossi Herrala ja Mikko Kenttälä

Together against network leaks

Beacon software developed by SensorFu monitors that customers' isolated production networks do not leak. The product works independently on both Scalance and Simatic industrial platforms. 

The Beacon app, developed by SensorFu, continuously monitors the status of separated and isolated networks by searching for access to restricted networks.


"Many organisations aim to segregate and isolate networks in an automation environment. Isolation is one of the cornerstones of security and Beacon monitors that it is successfully implemented. If something goes wrong, the customer will be immediately informed," says Mikko Kenttälä, CEO and co-founder of SensorFu.


Beacon has attracted interest from industry, government actors and traditional IT organizations.


"Our customers include Caruna, Fingrid, Helsinki Region Environmental Services, Terrafame, the Finnish Air Force, the National Cyber Security Centre of Finland, Synopsys and Seagate," Kenttälä lists.

The main synergy of our cooperation is that our customers would be able to deploy our applications as easily, extensively and quickly as possible.
Mikko Kenttälä

Easy deployment is a key element

The isolation of production networks is particularly critical for many industrial companies. SensorFu and Siemens work together to make the Beacon software work as easily as possible in customers' existing automation systems.


"The main synergy of our cooperation is that our customers would be able to deploy our applications as easily, extensively and quickly as possible. Because many of our customers already have Siemens’ devices in their automation environment, it is easy for them to deploy the application on a familiar platform with a familiar partner," Kenttälä says.


Beacon is always placed in restricted networks.


"We have tested the compatibility of the application in the Scalance LPE 9403 and Simatic IoT2050 edge computing units, which are typically located on different layers of an isolated network. When considering a platform suitable for Beacon, Siemens has a solution for any placement needs. The Simatic IoT2050 can be inside the automation cell, and the Scalance LPE 9403 is designed to be in a production network connecting automation cells," says Teemu Kumpulainen, an expert in production networks at Siemens.

Various cybersecurity solutions for customers

The cooperation provides customers with a tested overall implementation and strong expertise from SensorFu and Siemens.


"We have an infrastructure platform, the customer has a need, and SensorFu has an application that can meet the customer's needs. For Siemens, this is about building an ecosystem. We want to bring different solutions that our devices can be utilized with our customers’ attention. Especially on the process automation side, there is a demand for applications that support information security," Kumpulainen says.


Text: Päivi Lukka

Photos: Juuso Haarala

The interview was done: 9.2.2022

SensorFu Oy

  • Founded in 2017 in Oulu.
  • About a dozen employees (2022).
  • Net sales: EUR 242,000 (2021).
  • Vision: We give our customers the assurance that their information security policies are and will remain sealed.
  • Something you didn't know: Some of SensorFu's founders and employees were part of a team of researchers in 2014 who discovered a critical Heartbleed vulnerability related to millions of devices.