Light + Building 2022

Light + Building 2022

Messe Frankfurt, hall 11.0 booth B56 | October 2-6, 2022

Are you ready to make your building digital and sustainable?

Digitalized and connected buildings are our future

In today's world we all are facing new challenges - almost every day. Growing populations and industries result in a growing energy demand while our resources are finite. More and more regulations are issued to protect our environment and planet. In this rapid growing and changing situation we help our customers to find solutions and turn complexity into true business value.


In the building sector, digitalization has the potential to open entirely new perspectives. But only if it’s done properly. We have what it takes: a rich portfolio of pioneering products, solutions, and services, and experience with thousands of buildings across the world. Digitalized buildings bring true business value, thanks to their capability to adapt to the needs of their users. They can respond to changing conditions and create efficiency gains.


Our approach does not just focus on isolated problems – it integrates solutions. It creates a holistic and dynamic experience by interlinking all individual data silos, filled with valuable knowledge, covering all technological areas of a building.


By combining the real and the digital worlds together we can make our planet more sustainable and livable.


Smart infrastructure is sustainable infrastructure.


Stay connected, for more information to come!

Digital transformation pillars

New whitepaper: The grid interactive building

This whitepaper identifies the emergence of a new type of building, the ‘grid interactive building’ at the grid edge, where smart buildings meet smart grids. This has been identified by Siemens as a future vision for how commercial buildings, education, industry and healthcare can play an active role in a more decarbonized energy system.

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