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The demands placed on industrial communication networks are extremely high and form the basis for digital enterprises. Data must be transferred reliably from the field level up to cloud-based systems. Successful network management and effective network diagnostics require first-rate hardware components as well as sophisticated software. The Network Management System SINEC NMS is perfectly equipped for handling more and more complex network structures in an increasingly digital world. The SNMP OPC Server software supports you in the essential tasks of network monitoring and diagnostics of Ethernet-based data. Using SCALANCE TAP104, you can extract these data frames and analyze and evaluate them together with the BUS ANALYZER. Monitor and manage your industrial networks with products for effective network management and diagnostics.

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Industrial networks are growing more transparent and digital data is becoming usable as an economic resource. State-of-the-art network management achieves a lot in this regard. Find out more about SINEC NMS – the all-around Network Management System. 


With SINEMA Server as network monitoring software for monitoring and transparent diagnostics, you can optimally manage small industrial networks.



The SNMP OPC Server software provides diagnostic and parameter assignment functions for all SNMP devices to integrate the information into OPC-compatible systems. This enables, for example, combined process and network diagnostics in the HMI system.


Data – even including faulty data – can be exported from both transmission directions for further analysis in any Ethernet-based network with the help of the SCALANCE TAP104. This makes network diagnostics even more convenient for you!


BUS ANALYZER is the analysis tool for Ethernet and PROFINET. It is made up of a hardware component and a Windows application that communicate with each other over Ethernet. This combination enables perfect analysis of your data! 

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