Advantage with PROFINET

Advantage with PROFINET

PROFINET already connects nearly

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  • nodes in industrial applications of 14,000 customers – and the numbers are growing daily

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Openness, flexibility, efficiency, performance

Productivity to the power of four – and simple transition

PROFINET give you new ways to boost your productivity with four decisive advantages – openness, flexibility, efficiency, and performance. Also learn how simply you can transition from your existing PROFIBUS solution to PROFINET.

PROFINET: the Ethernet standard for professionals

Siemens uses the Ethernet standard for automation with PROFINET. PROFINET enables quick and secure data exchange on all platforms and creates the possibility of realizing innovative concepts for the production and processing industries. Due to its openness and flexibility, PROFINET offers users a a high amount of freedom when designing machine and system structure.


PROFINET’s efficiency ensures that the user’s available resources are optimally used and that system availability is increased significantly. Innovative products from Siemens and the performance of PROFINET sustainably increase productivity in the company.


Whether you are integrating new communication standards such as OPC UA, combining IT and production networks, or taking the next big step with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) - the turbo for PROFINET and OPC UA - you are well prepared for the world of Industry 4.0.

Consistent openness today and tomorrow

PROFINET embodies the idea of enabling manufacturer-independent automation solutions with an open standard. PROFINET is 100 percent Industrial Ethernet – the standard that has been established in industrial communications since the 1990s.

Consistent, end-to-end communication via a unified standard

Thanks to its openness, PROFINET creates the basis for a uniform machine/plant automation network to which automation devices and standard Ethernet devices can be connected.

Connectivity and interoperability with components from various manufacturers

No matter which components you want to use for your automation solution, PROFINET enables configurations that are independent of the type of controller and other nodes.

Simple integration of existing systems

PROFINET also protects your existing PROFIBUS investments. For instance, you can easily convert a SIMATIC ET 200SP controller to PROFINET by replacing an interface module and adapting the configuration. Or seamlessly integrate entire PROFIBUS networks simultaneously into PROFINET via the IE/PB LINK PN IO.


This also applies to the future use of PROFINET with TSN. TSN combines existing IEEE standards, which largely affect the OSI layer 2 of communication. TSN is therefore not a communication protocol, but a basic technology that can be used by PROFINET and OPC UA as a kind of "turbo" in the next few years.

Use of standard web services with PROFINET

PROFINET is 100 percent Ethernet and supports TCP/IP. Among other things, this enables the use of Web technologies, such as access to the integrated Web server of the field devices and greatly simplifies commissioning and diagnostics. Taking into account security mechanisms, this approach allows the introduction of new remote maintenance concepts or even the rapid exchange of production. This is the correct path to digitalisation.

PROFINET – innovative thanks to continuous further development

PROFINET characteristics such as deterministic responses, hard real-time capability in the microsecond range, and integrated diagnostic capability are the ideal foundations for Industry 4.0 communication. At the same time, PROFINET harmonizes perfectly with cutting-edge standards such as OPC UA. And thanks to PROFINET’s full IEEE conformity, you benefit from all further developments of Industrial Ethernet in terms of bandwidths, speed, security, and performance. PROFINET is a defined standard (IEC 61158/61784).

Maximum flexibility for implementing your ideas

In view of the increasingly shorter innovation and product lifecycles in all sectors, fast response times and optimized processes are crucial to ensuring long-term competitiveness. With its maximum flexibility in plant structures and production processes, PROFINET enables the implementation of innovative machine and plant concepts. You can integrate mobile devices, for example, in relatively inaccessible locations.

New areas of application thanks to wireless communication

IWLAN reduces maintenance costs, increases reliability, and convinces with high communication performance. Only PROFINET allows the combination of safety and IWLAN. For example, by using IWLAN, the plant operator gains more freedom of movement with the SIMATIC Mobile Panel. So it is always there where it is needed – without compromising safety.

PROFINET withPROFIsafe for ensuring safe plants and equipment

Safety-related communication via PROFIsafe reliably protects personnel, the environment, and plants. No special network components are required. You can use standard switches and gateways without restrictions. The existing network infrastructure will be optimally utilised as there is no need for separate cabling or additional safety controls. In addition, fail-safe communication is equally possible via Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN).

PROFINET communication network for optimum planning of equipment and plants

PROFINET also enables the use of star, tree, and ring topologies in addition to the linear topology. This results in a high degree of flexibility. The PROFINET network can be installed without specialist knowledge and meets all requirements relevant to the industrial environment. Even subsequent expansion of the topology is possible without any additional measures being required. The SCALANCE network components also able access to machines and systems via a secured VPN connection, for remote maintenance purposes for example.


With PROFINET, you can expand network infrastructures as desired – even during operation.

More efficiency for your economic advantage

Continually rising raw material prices and constantly new environmental regulations make it necessary for companies around the world to use their resources more cost-effectively and more efficiently. This applies above all to production.


The key to this is PROFINET. Simple engineering accelerates commissioning, and reliable devices boost plant availability. In addition, comprehensive diagnostics and maintenance concepts help reduce plant downtimes and maintenance costs to a minimum. 

Equipment and plant communication via a single cable

PROFINET offers a host of functions on one cable: Machine data and standard IT data run together. This creates integration and saves costs by reducing the overhead for cabling and training.

Diagnostics with PROFINET – easy, fast and reliable

Extensive diagnostic data can be read out from the devices to locate faults quickly. HTML Websites are used for servicing PROFINET devices – locally and remotely.

PROFINET optimizes processes when replacing equipment

PROFIenergy switches off individual devices or entire production units when their performance is not required – in a coordinated and centrally controlled way. This allows you to save energy during breaks and to increase your plant’s efficiency.

Build industrial communication networks quickly and reliably

Fault-free establishment of industrial networks in a short time and without specialist knowledge: PROFINET makes this possible with the FastConnect system.

PROFINET optimizes processes when replacing equipment

When you replace a PROFINET device, the I/O controller detects the new device and automatically assigns its name

Reliable data transmission

The use of switches even in field devices prevents faults in one section of the network from influencing the entire plant network. PROFINET enables the use of fiber-optic cables especially for areas that are critically sensitive to EMI.

High performance for boosting your productivity

Performance and precision determine market success. Precise motion control, dynamic drives, high-speed controllers, and the deterministic synchronization of devices are therefore key factors in achieving superior production.


PROFINET’s performance power offers you more than enough reserves to meet today’s requirements and those of the future, and thus makes it possible for you to continually increase your productivity.


With PROFINET and OPC UA based on TSN, it will also be possible to operate several real-time-capable protocols in a single network parallel to each other (network convergence), which can also be real-time-capable.

Maximized productivity in high-performance applications


Fast motion control applications need high-speed data exchange. PROFINET’s short cycle times increase the productivity of machines and plants. In combination with drive technology from Siemens, it provides the necessary speed in your machine – combined with maximum precision. In conjunction with SINAMICS drive technology from Siemens, we ensure your equipment runs at the necessary speed while maximizing precision.

With PROFINET it’s also possible to configure nodes to meet any requirements. This enables optimum usage of bandwidth and available controller performance.

Precise and deterministic data exchange

Communication via PROFINET is deterministic. A jitter of <1 μs results in maximum precision cycles and thus guarantees high product quality.

PROFINET enables implementation of highly complex equipment, systems and plants

With PROFINET, up to 512 devices can be managed by one SIMATIC controller. Mechanisms such as I-Device allow simple configuration of hierarchical controller structures. PROFINET thus makes it easy to implement large network structures as well.

Fast and efficient data throughput

PROFINET achieves a significantly higher data transmission rate than conventional field buses. This enables problem-free transmission of even large volumes of data without affecting I/O data transfer.

PROFINET implements redundant structures

Higher plant availability can be achieved by means of a redundant installation. This can be implemented both with the help of external switches and directly via integral PROFINET interfaces. The Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) as well as system redundancy are available for this purpose.

Implement modular design concepts with no waiting periods

In modular plants, I/O controllers must detect new machines or plant sections quickly. With Fast Start-up, PROFINET can detect devices in < 500 ms and connect them with the I/O controller. Tool changers, for example, work faster and thus more productively.

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