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Migration to PROFINET

Upgrade to a well-proven standard

PROFIBUS is the fieldbus for machines and systems that has been established for years. Based on serial bus technology, it revolutionized the automation world in the 1980s and created the basis for decentralized concepts for the first time. In the 90s, Ethernet spread into IT and industry. With the PROFINET standard, Ethernet has been extended by the features for networking in automation and has been used successfully since then. Today, it is impossible to imagine production without both systems. Through additional extensions, PROFINET is now also used in process automation.

PROFINET – the system of the future

PROFINET combines the advantages of both standards: The industrial experiences of PROFIBUS with the openness and the flexible options of Ethernet. The many advantages of implementing automation and drive technology tasks make switching to PROFINET worthwhile in any case: flexible topologies, one cable for all applications, wireless with PROFIsafe and significantly higher system performance thanks to scalable mechanisms speak for themselves.

A simple change that's worth it

Simple, step-by-step migration

With a step-by-step strategy, operational requirements can also be optimally taken into account. For example, machines can be migrated step by step during periods of low production. In the simplest case, a higher-level controller with PROFINET interface replaces the previous controller. 
Then the GSDML file for the PROFINET devices is updated in the hardware configuration, the header modules of the decentralized peripherals are replaced in the field and the system components are networked with one another via PROFINET cable.

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