PROFINET profiles

Even more freedom with the PROFINET profiles

With the help of the complementary PROFINET profiles PROFIdrive, PROFIsafe, and PROFIenergy, you can implement your customized automation solutions quickly and easily.

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PROFINET profiles

Your interface for “more”

PROFINET profiles specify additional manufacturer-independent characteristics and behaviors for devices and systems in the field of automation technology, e.g., energy management, functional safety, and controlled drive technology. They thus serve as a device- and manufacturer-neutral software interface for the user program. Device-specific details as well as all details of communication are hidden. This ensures that the software engineering of equipment used in the machine or plant remains absolutely independent.

PROFIdrive: Implement drive concepts quickly and easily

PROFIdrive defines the device behavior and access procedures to internal device data for electric drives on PROFINET – from simple frequency converters to high-performance servo controllers. The drive interfaces are kept as simple as possible and free of technological functions.

Your advantages:

  • Uniform application interface for motion control and drive-based safety
  • Replaceability of devices
  • Diagnostics via bus


Reduce your engineering and commissioning time – with PROFIdrive!

PROFIsafe: Safety-related communication – open, integrated, and proven

PROFIsafe facilitates the realization of safe plants and machines on the basis of PROFINET via a communication line (wired or wireless) – without a second separate bus system. Moreover, the transmitted telegrams are permanently monitored.

Your advantages:

  • Reusability of safety concepts
  • Established standard of safety technology
  • Minimized wiring
  • Fail-safe wireless communication via IWLAN

Benefit from the easy and reliable implementation of safety applications

PROFIenergy: Communication with energy saving potential

PROFIenergy supports the easy automatic disconnection and connection of technologically correlated plant parts. Coordination is realized centrally via a higher-level control. The result: considerably reduced energy costs.

Your advantages:

  • Controlled energy consumption
  • Coordinated disconnection and connection of complete plant parts
  • Elimination of the need for permanently wired external systems


Reduce your energy costs with PROFIenergy!

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