Success is based on good integration of the field level

Digitalization is not all about the cloud, it is also about data - from the field. Let us show you how to use this data in all phases spanning from engineering to operation and which tools facilitate your new job of turning data into value.
Digitalize your process plant

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Siemens sets the new standard in measurement technology

The new highlights of Siemens Process Instrumentation pave the way to the future
PIA Life Cycle Portal

The tool for engineering, ordering, installation and operation

Picture this: Your new process plant is currently being built on the premises you purchased. While the construction work progresses, you use the time to start with the engineering. Starting this from scratch can be time consuming: there is a plethora of different instruments for a multitude of different measuring points. How about a tool that would facilitate exactly this: helping you choose the right device for your purpose and seamlessly migrating this data into your engineering base? The PIA Life Cycle Portal will do just that.

Find the perfect match with the PIA Life Cycle Portal

The PIA Life Cycle Portal suggests the right device for your measuring task, filtered by either

• industry,
• application or
• technology

and guided by process charts of the most common (sub-)processes of your industry to shorten the time spent searching in catalogs, data sheets and the internet.

Digital twin

Meet the virtual twin of your plant

Within this step of choosing the right instrumentation, a lot of important data has been collected. Data that is not only of the essence for the engineering phase but also later on during operation. The interface to the COMOS software facilitates data consistency over all phases of the life cycle and provides you with a 1:1 copy of your plant - in digital form.

COMOS – Integrating the real with the virtual

COMOS uses the device data from PIA to integrate field device data into the digital twin of your plant. While the different trades work on the piping of your plant, the commissioning of the instrumentation, and the engineering, their documentations are saved in COMOS. Later on during operation this allows you to:

• easily locate the device in your plant
• have all relevant documents stored in one place and at hand when needed
• obtain a documentation of operating parameters
• work with a consistent database with cyclic updates (i.e. after maintenance works)
• have an overview of the electrical wiring at hand whenever needed.

Field device integration

Get the information from the field flowing

Devices of our SITRANS family come with best-in-class EDD, FDI and DTM packages on board for easy integration into your automation system.

Simatic Process Device Manager (PDM) - One tool for every task

With Industry 4.0 and digitalization gradually entering the process industries, process instruments get assigned a new role. More and more so, they play a vital part in generating process information and evolve to what the industry calls smart sensors. With their increasing intelligence also comes complexity: being smarter means having more functionality and hence more parameters to adjust. SITRANS devices come with on-board maintenance and diagnostic functions such as self-test, drag indication, partial stroke tests and multiple adjustable limit values, and there is a whole range of further sophisticated functions to keep track of and use for process monitoring and control.


In the process industry the Simatic Process Device Manager (PDM) is one of the most widely used tools for the access to all parameters, diagnostic and maintenance information of process devices. More than 4,500 devices of over 200 different manufacturers can be commissioned, parametrized, or serviced using a single program with a uniform user interface.


In its latest version 9, these tasks can be executed using both, stationary and mobile clients, freeing operators from having to use one engineering station for different plant units.

The access to intelligent field devices can now happen with a local client, while the data will still be centrally stored. With this functionality in place, the maintenance personnel no longer needs access to the central engineering station, simplifying coordination, shortening distances, and allowing more efficient processes and higher plant availability.


When using the SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station, diagnostic states and condition data of the field devices are cyclically reported as maintenance alarms - locally or in the cloud. The cyclical acquisition of data in the SIMATIC PDM MS results in long-term data series from which the applications can develop statements on the life cycle or intelligent service strategies.


PDM Flyer

Wondering whether the device will work with your DCS system?

Our Interoperability Lab team already took care of that. We test our devices upfront with all common DCS systems to make sure that their integration is seamless and easy.
We test the devices with the following DCS systems:

• Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7
• ABB 800xA
• Emerson Delta V
• Yokogawa Centum VP


This ensures proven integration compatibility of SITRANS field devices in all major DCS systems. Whenever you encounter a problem with integrating our devices, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experts will recreate your problem in the Interoperability Lab and give you feedback and advice.

Make the most of your intelligent field devices with the SITRANS Library

Intelligent process instruments are equipped with smart features that used to be accessible only with additional programming effort. This gap is being closed by the SITRANS Library.

Offering device-specific faceplates, this engineering and operation tool offers plant owners a new degree of transparency, allowing easier operation and fast troubleshooting.

The SITRANSLibrary also aids the protection of assets. An example is valves, which depending on their size, can represent large investments.

This is why the SIPART PS2 electropneumatic valve positioner is equipped with additional functions to protect the valve and to cut maintenance costs.



The SIPART PS2 faceplate shows the following information at a glance, and saves operators from having to create project-specific function blocks from scratch:

• valve opening and closing

• switching from automatic to manual control of the valve

• setting limit values

• visualizes the binary inputs and outputs

• trend curves and

• alarm management

With this interplay between the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system and the SITRANS Library, operators can reap the benefits of the entire functional scope of their field devices. The result is a simpler and safer automation solution with less engineering overhead.


Dare to get digital

With PROFINET in place on the field level and intelligent service concepts at hand, the way into the digital age has been paved. Dare to get digital with us.

Bringing digitalization to the field with PROFINET

Digitalization offers important benefits to the process industry. One of them is increased flexibility. You can benefit from simpler device integration at the highest level of availability. With our new approach to field device connection, the SIMATIC Compact Field Unit (CFU) makes it possible to transfer your conventional system concept into a digital plant, relying on the industrial Ethernet standard PROFINET for high-performance real-time data exchange down to the field level.

Miles of copper cabling, thousands of terminal points and error-prone wiring are a thing of the past if you dare to get digital. Device integration and replacement have never been easier.


Services - off your to-do list

Be it on-site or remote, our service portfolio provides solutions for the general and the specific requirements of your industry across the life cycle of your plant. Commissioning, diagnostics, repair, calibration - all this is off your to-do list.

Your field devices are digital - and so are our services

On-site flow verification, on-site calibration of pressure and temperature devices and other field device services are part of our holistic offering. With our devices fully anchored in the virtual world, customers can also profit from digital services, be it data analytics or remote maintenance and services.

In addition, the Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) provides a variety of search functions that help you to quickly find the information you seek.
Whether you are looking for quick product information, application examples or a direct contact, SIOS offers you a wide range of services and support 24/7 all around the world.