Coriolis flow measurement

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Turn to the SITRANS F C Coriolis flowmeter family for reliable monitoring of liquids and gases in virtually all applications. Driven by powerful digital signal processing, our best-in-class flow systems provide extremely precise multiparameter measurements of direct mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, temperature, density, and fraction flow such as Brix and Plato.

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Coriolis sensors

Whether you need to measure low flow rates, corrosive liquids or even compressed natural gas, SITRANS F C sensors can handle it all - providing maximum accuracy and safety for a wide range of pipe sizes.

For world-class accuracy in low-flow applications, choose from the SITRANS F C MASS 2100 in size DI 1.5 / DI 3-15 or the SITRANS FC300 in size DN 4. For extra flexibility in compressed natural gas (CNG) installations, the ultra-compact SITRANS FCS200 fits in where space is crucial. For the ultimate in innovative design and robust performance, the SITRANS FCS300 is ideal. And for OEM and skid manufacturers, a SITRANS FCS400 OEM version is available in sizes DN 15-50. 


Coriolis transmitters

SITRANS F C transmitters deliver market-leading accuracy and ease of use. Tailor them to your exact needs with a wide range of enclosures, communication options and approvals.

The space-saving SITRANS FCT010 is designed for direct digital integration into process automation systems. The SITRANS FCT030 delivers exceptional precision, a high-speed 100 Hz update rate and a user-friendly digital interface. The SIFLOW FC070 offers custody transfer approval for CNG applications.

Flowmeter systems

Coriolis flowmeter systems

Small in size, big on performance - the innovative SITRANS F C digital flow systems are at the top of their class in compactness, precision and speed.

Reduce skid size, fit multiple units into tight areas and minimize costs with the FC310, tailored for direct integration into machine control systems. For other applications requiring high-level performance, choose the cutting-edge FC330 with market-leading standard and density accuracy as well as a fully graphical and customizable display.

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SITRANS F C Coriolis flowmeters

Designed for high-accuracy mass flow measurement with a low cost of ownership, SITRANS F C Coriolis flowmeters are ideal for demanding liquid and gas processes in every industry - from the smallest dose of chemicals to the massive quanities of bunker fuel pumped into a cargo ship.

How does a Coriolis flowmeter work?

The Coriolis effect is a driving force behind the exceptional performance of SITRANS F C flowmeters.


Two symmetrical metal tubes are set vibrating. This is ensured by a driver coil in the central section. The oscillation is measured precisely by two pickups - at the inlet and outlet sections. If liquids or gases now flow through the tubes, a phase shift occurs - as with a water hose. The pickups measure the spatial and temporal displacement. This determines the amount of liquid or gas flowing through the tubes.


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Monitoring your processes with accurate Coriolis flow measurement leads to higher transparency, improved productivity - and a better bottom line. To optimize every operation, Siemens offers a comprehensive selection of Coriolis flow sensors, transmitters and complete flow systems.

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