Process Protection

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Siemens devices for process protection form a reliable early warning system. Their robust construction means they are insensitive to dust, dirt, deposits and humidity. Our non-contacting acoustic sensors measure inaudible high-frequency noise emissions, while our non-contacting speed sensors record changes in drive and speed in your piston, turning and conveyor systems.

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Acoustic Sensors

Pump monitoring and material flow monitoring

With the acoustic sensors for pump monitoring, SITRANS DA, even the smallest leakages on delivery valves of oscillating positive displacement pumps (e. g. piston pumps) can be detected by measuring cavitation. SITRANS AS100 is an acoustic sensor used for solids flow detection. The SITRANS AS100 can be connected to a SITRANS CU02, which processes signals from the sensor, providing relay and analog outputs for connection into a process, or it can be connected directly to a PLC analog input

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

All of the MFA 4p motion sensing probes can be mounted up to 100 mm (4”) from the ferrous target, reducing the chance of damage to the probe and the equipment. The probes are not affected by moisture or dust build-up

Intelligent process protection

Process protection is fundamental for safe, high-availability processes. Siemens offers the devices necessary for highly reliable process protection that include flow problems, blockages, sieve and filter problems, and pump cavitation. These protection challenges can be identified early to help avoid unscheduled, costly process interruptions and system stoppages.

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To remain competitive over the long term, companies in industry must ensure – and ideally increase – the availability and productivity of  machines and plants. As your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our extensive technology and industry expertise.

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As your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our extensive technology and industry expertise. With our offerings, you can expect a high degree of reliability and a successful digital future for your company.

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Safety integrated

Safety is key in the process industries. A failure in instruments relevant for safety may have serious implications for humans, the process and the environment. Therefore, a wide range of our process instruments come with on-board safety features for maximum risk reduction.


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