Continuous Weighing

Weighing on a running belt . Successful, high quality products depend on precise dosing of components. High quality measuring equipment ensures precise and reliable dosing.
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Belt weighing

Simple installation and low maintenance requirements

Milltronics belt scales from Siemens combine simple installation and low maintenance requirements (no moving parts) with high repeatability. The result is high productivity. With a minimum hysteresis and high linearity, lateral forces have no influence on the measuring accuracy. All load cells are protected against overloading.
Installation of the belt scales in hazardous areas is also possible as an option. Versions are available for high accuracy, light loads, and high load-bearing capacity.



Continuous measure of the load on the belt 

Our weighfeeders make a significant contribution toward optimization of your production sequences. The intelligent systems continuously measure the load on the belt and the belt's velocity, from which they calculate the current delivery rate. They compare the quantity actually measured with the set point and appropriately control the belt velocity.
The SITRANS weighfeeders from Siemens include a weighing bridge, velocity sensor, and transmitter. The highly sensitive load cells from Siemens provide a very high accuracy when weighing, and thus optimize mixing operations and production processes. The practically maintenance-free design is a guarantee for maximum performance.
All versions are also available with corrugated edge belt. The height of the flange depends on the design and application. The size and width of the belt are tailored according to the requirements of the application.


Solids flowmeters

These heavy-duty, low-maintenance, LVDT type solids flowmeters provide continuous in-line weighing of dry bulk solids, freeflowing powders, or granular material.
All models produce accurate, repeatable results and may be used for critical functions such as batch load-out and blending. Safe overload protection is a standard feature. All models are totally enclosed and dust-tight, and are constructed of painted mild steel. Stainless steel and hazardous area versions are also available.


Loss-in-weight scale

Continuous dosing applications

A loss-in-weight system can help you to achieve the needed level of accuracy in continuous dosing applications. With SIWAREX FTC weighing modules, you can set up and integrate the loss-in-weight system easily. Here the autosetup functionality helps you in the commissioning of the scale. The electronics determines the most important settings like output, PID or stability parameter. While processing SIWAREX FTC steadily optimizes these settings.
Operators can use standard HMI components from Siemens for all operation, calibration and fault diagnostics functions of the scale.
Single components can be used, or also applications for multicomponent dosing in relation to each other.



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