SIPLUS extreme – automation and drive technology for extreme ambient conditions

When the standard does not meet your needs.

With SIPLUS extreme you can rely on mature, state-of-the-art automation and drive components. SIPLUS extreme products are standard products offering improved resistance to mechanical loads, chemical and biological substances, condensation, and temperature fluctuations. They’re also designed to cope with temperatures between -40° and +70° Celsius. That’s why SIPLUS extreme is the first choice for all applications where the established standard is no longer enough.

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SIPLUS extreme Controllers

Controllers for extreme requirements

SIPLUS extreme controllers in standard and fail-safe versions are the right choice for all automation tasks under extreme conditions.

SIPLUS extreme IO systems

IO systems with expanded range of applications

The SIPLUS ET 200 portfolio offers a multifunctional, modular, and finely scalable system for decentralized automation – in the control panel, with no control panel, directly on the machine, or in areas at risk of explosion.

SIPLUS extreme HMIs

HMI systems for superior operation and monitoring

SIPLUS HMI systems are optimized for excellent visualization under extreme environmental conditions.

SIPLUS extreme Drive systems

Drive technology for many different applications

The functions offered by SIPLUS extreme converters are ideal for basic and medium-level demands on control dynamics.

SIPLUS extreme Industrial communication

Reliable communication based on proven standards

The SIPLUS extreme communication components enable you to create consistent, powerful data networks that can cope with extreme environmental demands.

SIPLUS extreme Power supplies

For reliable and maintenance-free operation

SIPLUS extreme power supplies meet the most stringent demands and can handle challenging environments, condensation, and an expanded range of temperatures.

SIPLUS extreme Industrial controls

Easy and direct connectivity

SIPLUS Industrial Controls is the flexible and modular motor management system for motors in the low-voltage range under extreme environmental conditions.

SIPLUS extreme for rail applications

Maximum performance on and around the rails

SIPLUS extreme Rail products are the perfect choice for rail applications, thanks to their extensive certification and compliance with rail standards.

System overview

Ready for all requirements

Many industries need technologies that will operate reliably and without failure in an everyday industrial environment regardless of heat or cold, gases or moisture. When you choose SIPLUS extreme, you’re choosing top performance even under the most adverse conditions. Discover how SIPLUS extreme helps you to meet all your requirements.

SIPLUS extreme Controller

SIPLUS extreme Controller erledigen ihre Aufgabe auch unter extremen Umgebungsbedingungen.

Thoroughly tested

SIPLUS extreme products undergo many tests under highly challenging and corrosive test conditions to ensure they meet the toughest requirements. Your benefit: Because SIPLUS extreme products are based on standard Siemens products, you get products that are much more resilient with no change in handling.

Ready for snow, desert heat, or the polar sea

SIPLUS extreme products are tested for several days in a cycle of heat, cold, and moisture at temperatures from -40° to +70° Celsius. Temperature information during operation specifies the permanently permitted low and high temperature range. The start-up temperature is the lower admissible limit for putting the products into operation. The unique finish on SIPLUS extreme products means they’ll withstand 100 percent relative atmospheric humidity and will also operate flawlessly even when ice builds up.

Resistance to medial load

After the finishing process, SIPLUS extreme products undergo tests involving various chemical substances to establish their resistance to harmful gases as required by the standards. Biological environmental conditions are recreated in a test with mold and a variety of fungal spores. These methods ensure that the hardened SIPLUS extreme products will remain resistant to potential damage.

Protected from sand and dust

The movement of a mixture of air, dust, and sand can damage electronics and lead to product failure. To ensure that the finished SIPLUS extreme products will perform in the raw materials industry and in manufacturing facilities with a high proportion of sand or dust in the air, they’re tested under these exact ambient conditions.

Resistant to high salt content

A high atmospheric salt content can cause components to fail. SIPLUS extreme products remain fully functional even under aggressive salt spray. To simulate the environmental conditions in locations close to the sea and offshore – for example, in shipyards and wind farms – SIPLUS extreme products must pass tests involving highly corrosive sodium chloride.

System benefits

More than just resistant

With SIPLUS extreme, you can always rely on your automation components 100 percent. You’ll enjoy not only greater flexibility but also  substantial cost savings. Learn more about the benefits offered by SIPLUS extreme.

The SIPLUS extreme conversion tool

Need a SIPLUS extreme version of your product? Use our conversion tool to obtain the item number of a SIPLUS extreme version of a standard product – and benefit from the versatility of the highly resistant SIPLUS extreme product family.

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Proven in practice

When it comes to automation, the mining, chemical, oil and gas, and many other industries venture into areas where components don’t just need to meet the usual stringent requirements: They’re  also required to cope with the toughest environmental conditions. SIPLUS extreme provides an extensive range of products to master these challenges in diverse industries.
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