SIPLUS extreme RAIL – maximum performance on the rails and trackside

The ideal solution for control tasks in rail operations

Components used in rail applications have to work safely and reliably at all times, even under extreme conditions such as major temperature fluctuations, condensation, impacts, and vibration. The SIPLUS extreme RAIL portfolio gives you access to controllers and components that meet these requirements at the highest level. SIPLUS extreme RAIL products comply with railroad standards and resist all kinds of environmental influences to overcome the day-to-day challenges of rail operation, both on and around the track.

System overview

Straightforward solutions for every area of application

Specially tailored solutions are needed to be able to respond ideally to the day-to-day challenges of rail operation. The SIPLUS extreme RAIL portfolio offers comprehensively tested control solutions optimized for the toughest conditions affecting your rolling stock and rail applications. Find out for yourself.

The perfect choice for your rail application

Ready for use in every area of rail operations

Whether you need to tackle applications in rolling stock or on the line, the SIPLUS extreme RAIL portfolio always offers the ideal solution for your rail application. Its modular structure and uniform engineering make the SIPLUS extreme RAIL products the perfect system solution for many different applications. Discover the diverse potential applications for SIPLUS extreme RAIL.

On the track

Ideal performance in the train

From climate control to controlling fire-alarm and fire-extinguishing systems, lighting, and every other on-board system, SIPLUS extreme RAIL products are perfectly suited to a whole range of rail transport applications in trains and trams.The assemblies have been tested to ensure they satisfy the demands imposed by extreme ambient conditions. For rolling stock applications, testing was extended to include fire performance and side effects of fire on all the materials used. The fire load values required for EN 45545 are available in all modules, and they can be made available at any time as required.


The right solution for every rail application

The products in the SIPLUS extreme RAIL portfolio offer you the ideal automation solutions for your rail applications. Our additional accessories also ensure an uninterrupted power supply and can be used to put your end-to-end visualization tasks into practice. Whatever products you choose, SIPLUS extreme RAIL lets you rely on your automation both on the rails and trackside.
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Ready for the challenges of rail operation: We’re there to help.

If you need products that will provide reliable and robust control for your rail applications, both in the train and trackside, at all times and under the toughest conditions, look no further than SIPLUS extreme RAIL. Find your personal contact here.