The open CNC system for wood, glass and stone cutting machines, and special technologies


Thanks to its integrated SINUMERIK CNC, SIMATIC controller and Windows® 10 operating system, the SINUMERIK MC is the ideal solution for machine tools with individual user interfaces. The areas of application range from machining wood, stone and glass and adhesive application to simple grinding applications and special machine tool technologies such as sheet metal cutting, laser and water jet cutting as well as additive manufacturing.


Optimum integration through maximum openness

SINUMERIK MC is the open CNC solution designed for easy integration of individual user interfaces.
Typical applications

SINUMERIK MC – the open CNC system for your technology

The SINUMERIK MC is the ideal control system for customized machine solutions featuring individual user interfaces and special machine tool technologies.

Optimum motion control, high automation performance and maximum openness

SINUMERIK MC - the universal and open CNC system which can be easily linked up to existing machine solutions
  • The integrated Windows® operating system allows the user interface to be designed simply and matched to customer requirements. The open operating concept and extensive interfaces make the SINUMERIK MC into an integrated and open control system.
  • The proven SINUMERIK CNC technology enables maximum precision in motion control and - thanks to G code programming - ensures freedom and flexibility in machine control. 
  • Even shorter response times of the latest SIMATIC S7-1500F PLC enable increased machining speed  and significantly boost automation performance. 
  • Symbolic programming, modern programming languages and extensive toolboxes for implementing standard applications make engineering in the TIA portal simple and efficient. 
  • The Sinumerik MC offers Safety Integrated as a uniform Siemens industry safety standard and implements the multi-level defense-in-depth concept for IT security. 
  • Attractive option packages offer the best possible adaptation to individual machine requirements.