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The optimum SINUMERIK for every turning application

The highest precision and productivity are essential features of state-of-the-art lathes. From cycle-controlled and standard CNC turning through milling on lathes up to multi-channel and multitasking machining: SINUMERIK CNCs optimize each and every lathe to achieve the highest performance in its class.

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Broad SINUMERIK portfolio for turning

Standard CNC turning is simple for all SINUMERIK CNCs. Based on the required functional scope, the required performance and the number of axes, the optimum SINUMERIK is available for each and every application. Machines with main and counterspindle, Y axes and driven tools are optimally supported by the extensive turning and milling cycle package of SINUMERIK 828, SINUMERIK 840D sl and SIMUNERIK ONE controls.
Cycle-controlled turning with SINUMERIK
Standard CNC turning
Milling on turning machines with SINUMERIK
Multi-channel machining with SINUMERIK
Multitasking with SINUMERIK

Turning with SINUMERIK - Highlights

Here you can see the highlights of our motion control solution for turning applications.

Multi-channel machining

When processing multiple channels on lathes, large cutting volumes must be handled within a very short time, for example, in order to minimize the cycle time with large series. Short cycle times are crucial especially with large series. To achieve this goal, the CNC controller must be flexible and highly performant. Further, SINUMERIK Operate increases the programming efficiency of multi-channel machining operations and visualizes them through simulation. As a result, the safety is increased through 3D simulation using 3-level view, and extensive control and optimization options are provided through an automatic calculation of the processing time.

Balance Cutting

The SINUMERIK contour cutting cycle allows to program demanding 4-axis turning operations directly on the machine without a CAD/CAM system. With only two additional parameters, you can extend the machining process with a tool for highly productive balance cutting using two tools. The contour and cutting parameters can be simply entered in the guide channel. The CNC sequences are created fully automatically by the contour cutting cycle. This increases the workpiece throughput per machine, while maintaining a high machining accuracy.


The counterspindle technology cycle in ShopTurn allows machining to be performed on two spindles on one lathe. With this configuration, workpieces are automatically transferred between the spindles. Counterspindle machining increases the productivity and machining quality as the workpiece does not have to be manually reclamped.

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Further information on turning

Here you will find useful downloads and help with our SINUMERIK products.

Our documentation selection on "Turning" contains information on the operator commands and elements of SINUMERIK Operate, as required for the "Turning" machining technology. You can learn all about programming basics, how to handle program support functions, measuring functions, macro programs, etc..


This manual explains SINUMERIK Operate operator commands and elements.

This manual explains NC programming in the "ISO dialect" and "Siemens" modes for the "Turning" machining technology.