LOGO! Communication

LOGO! Communication

Communication talent

The LOGO! family offers several communication modules for the communication with external systems.Between LOGO! 8 and communication modules the connection is done exclusively via Ethernet.

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Integrated Communication

Ethernet opens up completely new communication options based on TCP/IP by using the SIMATIC S7 protocol:

  • LOGO! modules with each other
  • LOGO! with all SIMATIC S7 controllers
  • LOGO! with SIMATIC HMI devices and TDE
  • LOGO! with communication modules

Additional protocols:

  • LOGO! with third party devices via Modbus TCP/IP (client and server)
  • LOGO! with NTP time server (client and server)

All basic units with Ethernet port can be operated on WLAN via corresponding access points. This means they can be programmed, monitored and controlled remotely.


Two integrated web servers– it couldn’t be easier

The integrated web server in all LOGO! 8 basic modules based on message text, as well as the customized web server, are used for monitoring and control the LOGO! via WLAN and the Internet.

You can increase the number of Ethernet ports with the LOGO! CSM. 
This Ethernet 4-port switch allows to set up cost-efficient, small local Ethernet networks

Communication via communication modules

Although LOGO! was mainly designed to replace conventional switching technology, LOGO! offers interesting communication options via the Ethernet ports.

The advantages at a glance

  • Cost-efficient alarm messaging system: Low investment and operating costs for the monitoring and control of small facilities
  • Cost-effective and intuitive remote control/ monitoring of the LOGO! 8 logic module via text message and/ or e-mail
  • Convenient commissioning and diagnostics via web-based management
  • Secured remote access to the LOGO! CMR and the connected LOGO! 8 logic module, e. g. for program changes
  • Internationally deployable thanks to communication via GSM, UMTS, and LTE networks
  • Position determination and time synchronization via GPS
  • Easy networking by means of unmanaged switch module LOGO! CSM
  • Optimized for the space-saving connection to LOGO! 8
  • Suitable for applications in industrial and industry-oriented areas

Communication modules at a glance

The communication modules CMR and CSM in the design of the logic modules LOGO! 8 offer a lot of power in the smallest space. The CMK2000 KNX extends the LOGO! Communications family. LOGO! Communication modules: CMR 2020 / CMR 2040 CSM 12 / 24V CSM 230V (in LOGO! 7 design) CMK 2000 (KNX)

LOGO! CMR (Communication Module Radio)

  • LOGO! CMR in combination with the LOGO! logic module is a cost-efficient communication system suitable for monitoring and controlling distributed plants and systems via text message or email.
  • LOGO! CMR can send text messages or emails to predefined mobile network numbers as well as receive text messages from predefined mobile network numbers.
  • Sending a text message/email can be initiated by events in the LOGO! basic module as well as by the two digital alarm inputs of the LOGO! CMR. The values in the LOGO! logic module can be directly influenced by receiving a text message.
  • The LOGO! CMR offers comfortable Web Based Management commissioning and diagnostics via local and/or remote access.
  • The two digital outputs can also be switched remotely by incoming text messages/emails.
  • LOGO! CMR determines the current position of the module based on the GPS signal received by the GPS antenna. In addition, the LOGO! 8 logic module can be time-synchronized by means of the time included in the GPS signal. Determination of time by means of an NTP server or from the data of the mobile network provider offers more options for synchronization of the LOGO! BM with the current time of day.
  • EN: http://www.siemens.com/mobilenetwork-approvals

Product version:

  • LOGO! CMR2020 for use in GSM/GPRS mobile wireless networks
  • LOGO! CMR2040 for use in in LTE mobile wireless networks
  • Warning! The country-specific mobile network approvals must be observed

LOGO! CSM (Compact Switch Module)

  • The module is used to connect a LOGO! and up to three other nodes to an Industrial Ethernet network with 10/100 Mbit/s in an electrical linear, tree or star topology.
  • The essential features of the LOGO! CSM are:
  • Unmanaged 4-port switch, of which one port is on the front for easy diagnostics access
  • Two versions for the voltage ranges 12/24 V DC or 230 V AC/DC
  • Problem-free connection using four RJ45 standard connectors
  • Space-saving, optimized for connection to LOGO!
  • Low-cost solution for implementing small, local Ethernet networks
  • Stand-alone use for networking any Ethernet devices

LOGO! Communication Module KNX (CMK) 2000

  • Expansion module for LOGO! 8 basic versions
  • For integrating LOGO! 8 in KNX installations
  • With 24 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs as well as 8 analog inputs and outputs for processing process signals via KNX.

    CMK 2000
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Communication objects on KNX: max. 50 configurable
  • Status LEDs: Run-Stop / LOGO! connection / KNX connection
  • Interface to LOGO!: Ethernet RJ45
  • Interface to KNX: Bus connector red/black
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 4 MW 72 x 90 x 53 mm
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