LOGO! Software

LOGO! Software

The soul of the LOGO!

LOGO! Software supports small automation projects with simple and intuitive configuration and operation, from the engineering software LOGO! Soft Comfort, to the LOGO! Access Tool, and also the LOGO! Web Editor for the web server integrated into LOGO!

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LOGO! Software - A range of possibilities

The LOGO! Software offers you the ideal individual programming for the implementation of simple automation tasks in industry and building technology.

A comfortable software for switching program creation on the PC for single mode and network mode. Furthermore, switching program creation in function diagram (FBD) or ladder diagram (LD) is possible. The testing, simulation, online testing and archiving of the switching programs makes the LOGO! Software so essential. Professional documentation through a wide range of commenting and printing functions makes the software flexible.


Product range

LOGO! is the perfect choice for a quick, easy and space-saving solution for basic control tasks. LOGO! Software supports small automation projects through simple and intuitive configuration and application: from the engineering software LOGO! Soft Comfort via the LOGO! Access Tool up to the LOGO! Web editor for the one in LOGO! integrated web server.


LOGO! Soft Comfort – stands for sensationally easy and quick configuration. 
This allows the creation of user programs by selecting the respective functions and their connection via drag-and-drop.

In single mode and in network mode. 

Automatic configuration of communication and display in network view. Up to 16 nodes can be displayed in the network view. Up to three programs can be displayed next to each other. In network mode, you can easily drag signals from one program to another with drag-and-drop.

It has been proven useful to program the switching program step-by-step and to simulate and test it on the PC offline. This approach prevents time-consuming troubleshooting in the entire program. 
Short configuration times are accomplished by creating your own macro blocks in which frequently recurring program parts are stored in a macro library. 

Also possible: An online test during operation.

Last but not least, LOGO! Soft Comfort provides professional documentation with all of the necessary project information such as switching programs, comments, and parameter settings. 

The LOGO! Soft Comfort also offers context-related online help that includes details on the individual function blocks and an explanation of the parameters and time lines. 

The LOGO! offers a comprehensive protection concept for your programs and access to the controller.

You can, of course, use the latest program version to further process and expand all programs that were created with previous versions. 
The display of LOGO! 8 offers 6 characters for each 16 lines per message text. In the external text display (TDE), 6 characters for each 20 lines can be displayed.
As LOGO! 8 can use larger message texts you are able to update your texts reducing abbreviations and also implement new large sized symbols. 
During the migration you should therefore optimize your messages.
At the same time you can activate the integrated web server in the message text.


LOGO! offers two integrated webserver which do not need HTML experience. 

  • Message text based (no additional knowledges necessary, simply activate the message text via tick box for the web server). 
  • Customized Webserver (application specific pictures can be created with the free of charge LOGO! Web Editor).

Design and functions

Create and simulate your switching programs, test online after download. And of course documentation is extremely quick and easy with LOGO! Soft Comfort.select functions and place them in the drawing area select the start and end point of the connection with the cursor and the software "wires" the connection.The parameters of the functions, such as timers, threshold values, setpoints are defined in clearly structured dialog boxes


Simulation of the entire switching program with all functions now takes place on the PC while optimizing the parameters. Analog signals can be simulated with real values (e.g. temperature – 20 ºC to + 80 ºC) Time-controlled as well as cyclic simulation can be used, even time and date-dependent switching functions can be simulated. Realistic representation of the LOGO! display within the simulation display of states for all functions, parameters and actual values. Do not forget to save the intermediate steps every now and then up to this point, all of this is available with the free of charge demo software.


Commissioning with LOGO!

  • wire the LOGO! as specified and connect to the PC with Ethernet cable

  • in the tested program, execute the function "Options / Transfer / PC to the LOGO!"

  • if several LOGO!s are connected, select the corresponding IP adress of your required LOGO!

  • the software registers whether the PC has a matching IP address for the communication, if necessary it suggests an alternative IP address, sets it once it has been confirmed and then transfers the program to the LOGO!

  • Activate online test with display of states and actual values of LOGO! in RUN mode.

Customized functions for LOGO! (ready to use)

  • 8 basic functions

  • Special functions: 14 timer functions, 3 counter functions, 13 analog functions,
    8 miscellaneous, 1 data log.


Professional documentation is often quite time-consuming and is therefore frequently neglected. 
Gaps will arise after the commissioning phase, if not before. LOGO! Soft Comfort supports you in this endeavor and will print updated and standard-compliant documentation at the push of a button. 


  • We recommend naming the inputs and outputs

  • additional comments can be assigned to every function

  • individual placement and formatting of free text in the documentation

  • Clearly structured switching program display across several pages can be set

  • Professional printout with all necessary project information and standard-compliant borders

  • Separate printout of parameters and I/O names is possible

  • Integration in standard Windows applications is possible by saving as .pdf, .gif or .jpg

Create macro blocks and save them in your own UDF library


Recurring program parts can be saved separately as complete macro blocks (UDF user defined functions) and used in other programs. 
You can build your own UDF block library including version management from frequently used partial applications. 
This speeds up programming and testing.

Version management will inform you when opening a program including a UDF about a later version of the UDF in your library and you have the choice to stay with the old version or to update to the new one.
Macro blocks can be protected individually with a password.


Data logging

Data from the application can be saved in the internal memory of the LOGO! or on a standard SD card as csv file. 
This data can then be read from the internal memory by a PC or evaluated directly from the SD card. 
Logging can be triggered cyclically or event-based, and up to 32 bytes with time stamp can be stored as one record.

Data logging



200 data records

external. standard microSD cards

20.000 data records on microSD card

A new log file is automatically created on the microSD card when the limit of 20,000 data records has been reached. Up to 30 log files can be managed on one card.

Integrated webserver - message text based

in addition to the integrated LOGO! display or the external Text Display TDE, the message text can now also be released for the web server in the message text block.
Check a box for the web server – done!  It couldn’t be easier.
A router connection of the LOGO! 8 is required for the operation of LOGO! 8 via smartphone, tablet or PC with the same look and feel as on the display of LOGO! 8 or the TDE. 
Here you can also use LOGO! hardware configurations without internal or external display. 

The access to the web server must be enabled and protected by a separate password. 

The web server works with all conventional browsers and has been optimized for display on a smartphone, tablet or PC.


An update changes the software within the same version via a Service Pack (SP) to the latest one e.g. an update from V6.0.17 to V6.1.12


An upgrade installs the software of a higher version, e.g. from V4 to V8. 


Prerequisite: A fully licensed version of LOGO! Soft Comfort must be installed already.


You can upgrade from any older LOGO! Soft Comfort version to V8.2.1 with the current LOGO! Soft comfort V8.2 Service Pack SP1.

LOGO! Soft Comfort V8. 0
SHA 256 Checksumme 
LOGO! Soft Comfort V7.x
SHA 256 Checksumme 
LOGO! Soft Comfort V6.x
SHA 256 Checksumme 

Windows® Installations Hinweise

After downloading, double-click Setup.exe


  • Supports 32/64-Bit, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10



You do not need to install any other software. 
A Java virtual machine is included with this download

Mac OS X Instructions

After downloading, double-click Setup


  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Mac OS X Maveriks

  • Be sure you have Java 1.5 or later installed. You can download Java from Oracle´s site

  • The compressed installer should be recognized by Stuffit Expander and should automatically be expanded after downloading. If it is not expanded, you can expand it manually using StuffIt Expander 6.0 or later.

  • If you have any problems launching the installer once it has been expanded, make sure that the compressed installer was expanded using Stuffit Expander. 
    If you continue to have problems, please contact technical support.


The free of charge LOGO! Access Tool allows to transfer application data from LOGO! in RUN mode into an excel sheet.
Runs only as add-in on Windows Excel. 




The free of charge LOGO! Web Editor (LWE) allows to create customized websites, which are used to control and monitor LOGO! automated tasks.
The components are placed into the editor pane via drag and drop.
You can draw graphics, integrate texts, pictures and links. 
Digital values: shown as icons or control buttons.
Analog values (writeable) as figures, analog bar graph or analog slider (writeable). 
LOGO! Clock: to monitor date and time of the connected LOGO!

  • the LOGO! web editor (LWE) runs on operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

  • Controllable by any terminal device

  • Customizable resolution (according to your device)

  • The LOGO! Web Editor (LWE) is included in the current service pack.


With a demo version of LOGO! Soft Comfort, you can easily familiarise yourself with the LOGO!. You can create, simulate, archive and print out circuit programs via a PC for all LOGO! devices. 

RESTRICTION: You cannot transfer (download or upload) the circuit programs to/from a LOGO!. 
It is therefore also not possible to perform on-line monitoring or tests of a running program. 
These features are only possible with a full version of the software. 
A program developed with the demosoftware can be further developed and transferred afterwards with the full version! 
As ideal tool for the familiarisation is the WBT (first Steps with LOGO! 8).

SHA256 checksum

includes Java VM

without Java VM

Windows® 64 Bit



Windows® 32 Bit



Mac OS X



Linux 64 Bit



Linux 32 Bit



Verification of a download

By comparing your calculated SHA256 checksum with the SHA256 checksum the verification will be possible. 

• Transfer your file on your computer 
• Open the “+” symbol under your download to find the SHA256 checksum of your file 
• Calculate the SHA256 checksum. 
For description of calculation SHA256 checksum please click here

• Please compare both SHA256 checksums 
(Your own calculated SHA256 sum and the SHA256 checksum of the file). 
If both are identical your file was transferred unaltered. 

Download verification is completed.

A comprehensive and multi-level protection concept protects your know-how!


  • Program password: 

    Protects your program from unauthorized access and/or changes. 
    The complete program can still be used in multiple LOGO! units. 
    In parameter mode, individual parameters can be changed at any time in a program protected by a password. If you want to protect individual parameters, you have to select this option in the respective function block.

  • Copy protection (Know-how protection): 
    If the program is also copy-protected, it can only be used once at a time. You have to use an external storage medium for this purpose. This means when you pull the storage medium from the LOGO! it goes into STOP. The program can then be used in a second LOGO! but not in multiple units simultaneously.

  • For LOGO!  - Administrator and Operator mode: 
    Specific functions, such as start/stop, time, date, etc. can only be changed in Administrator mode. Released parameters can be manipulated in Operator mode.

  • For LOGO!  - Access protection: 
    Separate passwords must be assigned for access via web server, text display, Internet or network.

  • Demo software 
    You can use the free demo software to completely develop, test and document your projects – just as with the full version. 
    The only restriction here is that communication with the hardware is not possible.
  •  Details of the demo software
  • Overview of all function blocks
  • Siemens Security Advisories
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