SIMOSIM software simulation

Undetected errors multiply the costs at every step in the value chain.

To improve efficiency during the product life cycle, machine manufacturers must be sure of the quality of the software early in the process. SIMOSIM lets you simulate the user program very early on during the engineering phase, and you can perform the tests without hardware. 



Software tests without controller

For complex software projects, program components should be optimized as early as possible to speed up the commissioning process. 

Simulation already possible in the project stage

From SIMOTION Software Version 5.1, SIMOSIM is an integrated part of SIMOTION SCOUT engineering and SCOUT TIA, and is available to verify your software functionality.

You can use it to test your application programs directly on the engineering PC, before the physical hardware is connected – including the configured axes and kinematics.

Testing just as with a real controller

SIMOSIM provides the proven debug options like program status, break points, and trace functions. IO access points for controlling the peripherals are also available.


The complete Web server functionality is also available. Via direct file access to the virtual CF card, user-defined websites can also be quickly and efficiently developed. External applications can also access SIMOTION via OPC UA. In addition, HMIs can be simulated and optimized using WinCC Runtime.

How you benefit from SIMOSIM

Do you want to learn more about SIMOTION SCOUT, SCOUT TIA and simulation with SIMOSIM?


SIMOSIM integrated in SCOUT

SCOUT now with simulation tools

SIMOSIM is included in the current SCOUT engineering package and SCOUT TIA, so it’s available immediately.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to reduce commissioning times and increase your system availability using simulation.

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