SINAMICS G120P - a broad portfolio with a specific focus 

SINAMICS G120P: Built-in and wall-mounting and cabinet units 

The converter serie SINAMICS G120P offers tailor-made solutions for building technology and process industries. With a particularly large power range from 0,37 kW to 630 kW, available in nine different sizes, all tasks are mastered individually. The converters SINAMICS G120P are designed for operation with SIMOTICS GP and SIMOTICS SD motors of the VSD10 and SIMOTICS FD motors line.  

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Overview of strengths

Versatile. Combinable. Application-specific.

Whether in ventilators for the supply and exhaust air of air conditioning systems, in pumps for heating and cooling circuits or compressors for refrigerating machines: the converter SINAMICS G120P are ideally suited to the special requirements of building technology and industrial applications.
Type: Built-In and Wall-Mounting Units


Technical data at a glance
Building technology
 Process industry
0.37 - 90 kW
11 - 630 kW
Supply voltage
3 AC 380 - 480 V
3 AC 380 - 480 V and 3 AC 500 - 690 V
Control modes
U/f control with stator flux orientation, vector control without encoder

U/f control with stator flux orientation, vector control without encoder

Power Modules PM230 

The Power Modules PM230 can be installed both in the control cabinet and directly on site due to the protection classes. And due to different filters, they can be used in both public and industrial networks.

Power Modules PM240P-2 

The Power Module ON240-P increases process reliability through integrated safety functionality up to SIL3 level.

Power Modules PM330

With the Power Modules PM330 a complete product range is available: In all sizes and across all voltage ranges, from 400 V to 690V. A flexible and integrated solution approach that considerably minimizes your project planning and implementation costs. 

CU230P-2 series Control Unit - the specialist for pumps, fans and compressors 

The specific Control Unit CU230P-2 is especially suitable for drives with integrated technology functions for pump, fan and compressor applications. The I/O interface, the fieldbus interfaces, and the additional software functions support these applications in an optimum way.

With the SINAMICS accessories, you increase the operation and control capabilities of your SINAMICS frequency converters even more.

Web-based operator panel with wireless client connection
Mobile commissioning, diagnostics, service


With the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module, you can wirelessly connect your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) via WiFi to the SINAMICS G120 converter series. This gives you a powerful tool with numerous functions for wireless commissioning, diagnostics, and service. The module is set up in just a few steps. No installation or downloading of additional software required due to the web server function. A standard web browser and a commercially available operating system are all you need. The user interface of the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module is simple and intuitive in its configuration and use.

The Smart Access Module is available as an additional option for the SINAMICS G120 converter series with CU230P-2 or CU240E-2 Control Unit.

  • Quick commissioning – mobile and clever
  • Motor test – setting and changing the motor speed
  • Simple maintenance and diagnostics
  • All parameters and settings at a glance
  • Storing and sharing of converter data

Intelligent operator panel for direct connection to the converter

Local operation, monitoring, setup, diagnostics, service


The flat IOP-2 Intelligent Operator Panel allows fast local setup, fault diagnostics, and intuitive operation of SINAMICS G frequency converter series and simplifies the adjustment of settings during operation. The intuitive central multifunctional sensor control panel supports users with selectable settings.

There are three methods of using the IOP-2: Directly plugging it into the control unit of the converter, mounting in the door for operation outside the control cabinet, and as an IOP handheld unit for wired operation in difficult-to-access locations.


The IOP-2 is available as an additional option for the SINAMICS frequency converter series G120, G120X, G120XA, G120P, G120C, G120D, G110M and SIMATIC ET 200pro FC-2

  • High-contrast color display with a range of display options
  • Fast series commissioning of the frequency converters
  • Simple configuration of an Ethernet-based fieldbus interface
  • Fast access to product information about the current drive system
  • Direct contact with Customer Support via the SIEMENS Industry Online Support App
  • Simple connection to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) via two-dimensional code (data matrix or QR code)

Basic operator panel for direct connection to the converter

Local operation, monitoring, commissioning, diagnostics


The menu-based operation and 2-line display of the BOP-2 Basic Operator Panel facilitate local commissioning of the SINAMICS G120 converter series. Simultaneous display of the parameter and parameter value, as well as parameter filtering, means that commissioning of a drive can be performed easily and, in most cases, without a printed parameter list.

The BOP-2 is available as an additional option for the SINAMICS G120C converter series.

  • Direct local operation of the drive
  • Simple switchover between automatic and manual operation
  • Standard commissioning using the clone function
  • 2-line display for showing up to 2 process values with text
  • Diagnostics with menu prompting with 7-segment display
  • Door mounting kit, can be mounted in the control cabinet door (achievable degree of protection is IP54/UL Type 12)

An overview of further supplementary system components, e.g.

  • Memory cards
  • (Safe) Brake Relay
  • Blanking covers
  • Shield connection kits and plates
  • Adapters for installation on standard mounting rail
  • PC-converter connection kit

In order to meet as many customer requirements as possible in the field of drive technology, in addition to its own products, Siemens also relies on the individual and supplementary services of selected partners (e.g. output reactors, sine-wave filters, line filters/line reactors, braking resistors).

Type: Cabinet Units

SINAMICS G120P Cabinet

Ready-to-connect converter cabinet units in the power ranges from 75 to 560 kW and from 315 to 630 kW.
The SINAMICS G120P Cabinet are available with cabinet widths from 600 mm in various degrees of protection up to IP54, and with two design versions. 
  • Version A: 
    offers sufficient space for all available options. 
  • Version C: 
    space-saving version envisaged for applications where the power supply components are accommodated in a central low-voltage distribution and need to be provided again in the control cabinet.

The SINAMICS G120P Cabinets are available with du/dt-filter compact plus VPL (Voltage Peak Limiter). They limit both the voltage unit du/dt and the peak voltage to the strict limits of the standard IEC 60034-25. This reduces the load on the motor insulation and extends the service life of the motor.


Easy configuration and ordering

Configure and order your SINAMICS G120P

You can easily and quickly configure the frequency converter SINAMICS G120P with the Siemens Drive configurator and then order it via the IndustyMall ordering system.

Configure your SINAMICS G120P

Configure directly online