Flexible, modular drive system for demanding single-axis or multi-axis applications


The modular SINAMICS S120 drive is the modular system for high-performance motion control applications in industrial plant and machinery construction. Customized solutions can be implemented based on a wide range of components and functions that are optimally coordinated with one another. For instance, high-performance single-motor drives and coordinated drives (multi-axis applications) with vector or servo functionality. Users of the SINAMICS S120 drive will benefit from a system that offers higher performance, enhanced productivity and improved flexibility.

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Functions and benefits as decisive competitive elements integrated as standard

From Basic drive functions and Advanced functions all the way to application and industrial know-how: Here you will find the unbeatable firmware functions that distinguish our low-voltage converters, including SINAMICS S120. Highlights include: A web server, further outstanding features such as Safety Integrated Functions, know-how protection, and much more.
In-depth information regarding our extensive firmware functions

Firmware functions

Overview of strengths

Universal. Precise. Safe.

Regardless of whether the application involves continuous material webs or cyclic, highly dynamic processes – SINAMICS S120 means increased machine performance in many industries, including packaging and printing machines, machines for the processing of plastics, textiles, paper and wood, cranes and hoisting gear, handling and assembly systems, machine tools, rolling mills, test beds, and machines in the renewable energy sector.
System overview

The response to increasing demands

The SINAMICS S120 drive system comprises a modular system for high-performance applications. It offers AC/AC single drives and coordinated DC/AC drives for multi-axis applications. However, it is also a distributed version for modular plant and machine concepts.
Types of construction - Modular drive system for sophisticated single/multi-axis applications
Types of construction
Drive concept
Degree of protection
Supply voltage / power
AC/AC devices for single-axis applications

Control Unit + Power Module


0,55 - 4 kW (0,75 - 5 hp at 240 V) to 11 - 250 kW (10 - 400 hp at 600 V)

DC/AC devices for multi-axis applications

Control Unit + infeed + Power Module

IP00 / IP20
1,6 - 107 kW (1,5 - 150 hp at 400 V)
DC/AC devices for multi-axis applications
Control Unit + infeed + Power Module
IP00 / IP20
110 - 3040 kW (150 - 4370 hp at 460 V) to 75 - 6840 kW (75 - 1250 hp at 575 V)
AC/AC devices for single-axis applications
Control Unit + Power Module
110 kW - 250 kW
Cabinet Modules
DC/AC devices for multi-axis applications
Control Unit + infeed + Power Module

IP20, optional: IP21, IP23, IP43, IP54

4,8 kW - 3040 kW
(5 -  4370 hp at 460 V)
75 -  5700 kW
(100 - 6034 hp at 575 V)
Cabinet Modules Application Marine Drives
DC/AC devices for multi-axis applications
Control Unit + infeed + Power Module
IP43,44, 54
560 … 5700 kW bei 690 V, andere Spannungen auf Anfrage, liquid cooled Design
75 ... 4500 kW bei 400 – 690 V, andere Spannungen auf Anfrage, air cooled Design
Dezentrale Variante S120M
DC/AC devices for single-axis applications
Control Unit + infeed + Motor Module combined with motor
IP 65 / IP67
0,25 - 1,1 kW
Cooling concept

SINAMICS S120 – Cooling concept

The devices are cooled in 3 different ways, depending on the power rating and the particular type:

In this standard solution, the power loss from the electronics and power units of the drive components is removed by natural cooling or by a forced ventilation system and routed to the interior of the control cabinet.

External air cooling uses the "through-hole" method. The components' power unit heat sinks pass through the mounting surface in the control cabinet and can thus release the heat losses of the power circuit to a separate external cooling circuit. The only heat loss that remains in the cabinet is that emitted by the electronics. Degree of protection IP54 can be achieved at this "mechanical interface" – the external heat sink. The heat sink, with its cooling fins and the fan unit (part of the scope of supply), protrudes through the back into a separate ventilation duct, which can also open outwards.

A liquid cooling system on Chassis and Cabinet Modules allows significantly more efficient heat dissipation such that an air conditioning system is not required. With a low energy input for liquid cooling, significant energy savings can be achieved during operation. Further, there is the possibility of heat recovery. Compared to air cooling, the benefits provided by liquid cooling with a closed cooling circuit at high power ratings include a small footprint, reduced weight and low-noise converter operation. The maintenance expenditure required for the units is reduced through omission of filter mats. The coolant must be provided with the corresponding additives. It is thus advantageous to use the system especially in small and badly ventilated rooms and under harsh environment conditions prevailing, for example, on ships and in industrial environments.

A water cooling system for common circuits allows to use the water provided in the factory. This provides a common cooling circuit for the system, motor and converter. Only reduced requirements are placed regarding the water quality. No additives need to be added to the water circuit, which allows convenient and environment-friendly commissioning and maintenance. Further, the converter is resistent to oxygen entering the cooling water. The benefits provided by liquid cooling, for example, significant energy savings and efficient heat recovery, are also ensured for water cooling.

Typical applications


The modular frequency converter is suitable for the following applications.
Supplementary products


Connection system - MOTION-CONNECT and open encoder interface SINAMICS DRIVE-CLiQ
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Configure and order the SINAMICS S120 quickly and easily

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