The rugged LCI variable speed and starting converter for large synchronous motors and generators

The LCI-converter (load commutated inverter), SINAMICS GL150, is designed for single-motor applications with variable and constant torque characteristics in power ratings up to 85 MW (Higher ratings on request). Available in air- and water-cooled designs and capable of 2Q or 4Q operation. Commonly used for variable-speed operation as well as for start-up operation of large synchronous motors and generators and with speeds ranging up to approx. 7000 rpm.

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Benefits at a glance

Power density per M2.

With over 40 years of experience and large installed base.

Fault tolerant, high MTBF, utilized in marine, starting and high-power applications, most rugged thyristor technology. Regenerative capability for energy-saving drive system solutions.

Technical data overview

Input voltage
Air-cooling (6- / 12-pulse)
Power (MVA/MW)
Water-cooling (12-pulse)
Power (MVA/MW)
to 3.0
1.4 to 8.1 / 5.7 to 16.2
6 to 16
to 8.3
5.7 to 9.7 / 11.4 to 30
21 to 32
to 7.8
31.5 to 48
to 10.4
50 to 64
to 12.0
58 to 85

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