The most proven MV drive on the market today with a cell-based design perfect for meeting high efficiency and availability application requirements.

The SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH180 is a series of cells linked together to create the medium voltage power output of the drive system. The design features an integrated transformer and the ability to scale the drive for a wide range of voltage and output power. The drive offers increased availability due to its modular design and ability to bypass any one cell during operation. The quality of the output voltage is so close to perfect sine-wave shape that motors of literally any type – old or new, low-speed or high-speed – can be operated without any additional stress.

Benefits at a glance

Minimized plant footprint, combined cooling system and plug-and-play drive system setup.

The most trusted and proven drive on the market today with installations in every major process industry.

Capable of being configured with virtually any motor thanks to an almost sinusoidal output voltage.

Maximize your process availability thanks to its Advanced Cell Bypass feature for maintaining a balanced output voltage without torque or speed reductions.

Technical data overview

Output voltage range
2.3 to 11 kV
Power range
Power range: 0.12 to 24.4 MVA (150 HP to 28000 HP)
Air-cooled drives up to 10 MW
Water-cooled drives up to 24 MW
Max. output frequency
330 Hz standard
Open / closed loop control
- Sensorless vector control (optionally with sensor)
- Communication with all current BUS systems
- Automatic motor identification
- Automatic start-up
Degree of protection
IP21 or higher, air cooling; IP31 (excluding blower cage)
IP43 or IP54 water cooling
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