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Industrial burners are the heart of every thermal process-based production line, and the quality of the final product depends primarily on the burner‘s reliability and performance. Low maintenance effort and maximum availability, high levels of energy efficiency and seamless integration into existing automation systems are the key requirements placed on advanced firing systems.   Using decades of experience, know-how and commitment in the field of industrial firing systems, Siemens has become a key partner for manufacturers of high-quality thermoprocessing equipment. Standard burner controls, such as the LME7, can be employed with a large number of different actuators driven by synchronous motors. The LMV2/3 is the ideal basic unit for any type of burner of medium capacity, be it oil, gas or even dual-fuel burner (modulating or multi-stage) – a solution is always at hand. The LMV5 burner management system has the burner control, electronic air-fuel ratio control and gas valve proving integrated in its basic unit. With the LMV50, it is now possible to integrate external flame safeguards too. This ensures that the burner operates correctly in the event of unfavorable flame ratios.


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