White paper : White Space Cooling Optimization

How artificial intelligence is cooling data center operations ? 

How artificial intelligence is cooling data center operations

This paper explores AI and its impact on data centers, using White Space Cooling Optimization as an example of how AI can be implemented today. Starting with a look at the changing data center landscape, this paper provides a glimpse into what the future holds and examines the critical aspects of thermal cooling, specifically thermal optimization. It focuses on how a data center can easily begin integrating AI into its processes and reviews how a global financial firm is using White Space Cooling Optimization as part of its thermal optimization plan.

Key learnings from this white paper:

  • White Space Cooling Optimization increases staff efficiency by minimizing the need for staff supervision and personnel on site, allowing valuable staff to be assigned to other critical tasks. 
  • By optimizing chilled water cooling (Demand Flow) and white space cooling (White Space Cooling Optimization) together, thermal optimization can help a data center achieve more savings than using one or the other solution individually.
  • The simplicity of White Space Cooling Optimization’s agnostic infrastructure design makes it responsive and scalable to meet future demands.