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Airborne safety systems: to keep you safe, in the air and on the ground

Because safety comes first, Siemens Smart Infrastructure develops state-of-the-art aerospace smoke detectors for every kind of aircraft. The sooner you detect the imminent risk represented by smoke, the better. Siemens Smart Infrastructure uses the most advanced technology to provide an optimal answer to any type of fire, and fire only.

Half a century securing the sky

Deploying safety in any type of aircraft

More than 10.000 planes are protected by Siemens aerospace smoke detectors. Whether it be airlines, freighter, VIP, or military applications, we have the most suited portfolio to match your operating needs.

Protecting all sensitive areas

Siemens airborne smoke detectors are proposed in different families, suitable for all aircraft configurations and applications:

  • “open air” multi-purposes detectors using natural propagation of the air,
  • “flow-thru” multi-points detectors sampling air through a range of sniffers and fans,
  • "duct” for electronic and avionics bays, using Venturi effect to sample air.


Avionics and electronic bays

Avionics and InFlight Entertainment bays represent one of the most critical areas of the aircraft. In those hard-to-reach areas, Siemens duct smoke detectors ensure an enhanced reliability while discriminating spurious events. 


Siemens develops specific cockpit control panels to manage cargo compartments detection system, report smoke warning, and check integrity status smoke warnings. A significant reduction of wiring costs is permitted by the use of only 2 wires per bus thanks to the CAN communication protocol.

Cabin and lavatories

On lavatory or crew-rest protection, standalone or systems kits, Siemens provides a large range of E-TSO approved systems. Flexibility is the key, with CAN-bus or discrete I/Os communication. 

Cargo compartments

Siemens smoke detectors ensure an optimal protection of extremely vulnerable cargo areas, where an early and accurate detection without false alarm is an essential requirement.

Cutting edge fire detection

Optimal Fire Safety implies a fine walk between being able to detect and announce a fire as soon as it occurs, and being sure that any information reported concerns a real event, and not a false alarm.

As a leading international provider of aerospace fire safety technology, we have learned how fire suppression works most effectively. This knowledge has contributed to the development of our innovative, high-quality fire safety products, systems, and solutions. 

Wordwide Customer Support

For routine or AOG deliveries, spares or repair, for trainings, technical or commercial questions, Siemens Customer Support provides you with the most adapted worldwide assistance.

Recognized and awarded on a recurrent basis by major aircraft manufacturers, Siemens Customer Support ensures you obtain a fast and detailed answer to all your enquiries.


Our aerospace activity has been granted the following certifications and agreements:

- ISO9001

- EN9100

- EASA Part 21

Siemens repair shop, based near Paris, has EASA & FAA agreements for dual-release airworthiness certificates:

- EASA Part 145

- FAA 14 CFR PART 145 

Siemens Total Care

Each operator has its specificities: While designed with robustness in mind, repeated contamination by dust, fiber, or any pollution might over time temper with the smoke detector sensitivity.


Total Care is a one-stop-solution for an optimized operation of Siemens detectors. Maintenance tests, cleanings, and calibrations using Siemens toolings and processes are the key to keep an optimal behaviour of your smoke detectors. To minimize downtime, this straightforward task can occur during already scheduled plane maintenance checks. For further detail about Siemens Total Care and aircraft manufacturers recommendations, contact us.

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