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Industries, commercial areas, large buildings, municipalities, and communities are facing three main challenges: costs, security of supply and CO₂ reduction. With the help of local distributed energy solutions, it’s possible to turn these challenges into long-term calculable variables – across all businesses and industrial sectors.    The solutions can include targeted use of renewable energy, combined heating and power stations, or provision of storage solutions up to energy-as-a-service. This is an option in which an experienced partner deals with the nuts and bolts of the problem, from design through installation right up to operation, while you can focus on your core business.                                                                                                                                             

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Tackle your challenges

The transformation of the energy system is affecting energy providers and consumers at the same time. It not only holds significant optimization opportunities when combined with innovative technology, but even enables completely new business models.
Energy Configurator
Energy Configurator

Turn data into opportunities

The Energy Configurator evaluates optimization potential to significantly reduce your energy expenses, to minimize the ecological footprint, and to improve security of supply.

Energy intelligence

The smart way to take control of your energy future

In the wake of energy system change – from a system of centralized large-scale power generation to an increasingly distributed, decarbonized, and digitally enabled landscape – significant new opportunities arise. Industrial plants, campuses, infrastructural facilities, buildings, urban districts, as well as municipalities can now play a new role in the energy system.

Optimizing energy spending

Optimizing energy costs becomes more and more important in order to increase competitiveness. There are several ways to achieve this goal: An optimized energy mix can help to lower purchase costs for energy. Reducing the overall energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency are also effective ways. 

With a local energy solution, it’s also possible to reduce grid fees and to create additional revenue by selling surplus energy to the energy market. 

Reliable energy supply

For virtually all industries and especially for critical infrastructures a reliable power supply is crucial. Local energy solutions help improving system reliability and availability of power, ensure power quality, and support the implementation of resilience. 

This enables you to safeguard your processes and become future-proof and scalable as well. 

Environmental awareness

Sustainability has grown to a real paradigm shift for many companies. Not only is it a means to improve the public perception and brand value, but also an effective way to reduce emissions and carbon footprint.

Thanks to available technologies such as waste heat recovery, forecasting, and measures for better allocation of available power it’s also possible to create significant energy and resource savings. 


Distributed energy systems

The energy market is facing three main challenges: cost, security of supply, and CO₂ reduction. In recent years only a few energy companies had to find the answers to these challenges. Now, virtually every single market participant can decide on the best strategy for their own situation.

Distributed energy solutions at work

Find out more about how industry, infrastructures, and buildings can benefit from local energy sources.  

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Distributed energy systems (DES) is a term which encompasses a diverse array of generation, storage, energy monitoring, and control solutions. DES technologies represent a paradigm shift and offer building owners and energy consumers significant opportunities to reduce costs, improve reliability, and secure additional revenue through on-site generation and dynamic load management.


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