FABRIC - Accra

A showcase of how the underlying data of Jamestown can help transform its energy, industrial and infrastructure landscape.

The FABRIC of Accra

The Siemens Accra FABRIC is a visual data representation that was created using vast amounts of infrastructural, energy and industrial data from one of Ghana’s oldest districts - Jamestown. As Siemens we understand how important telling a story through fabric is across cultures and languages in Africa. Through the use of data we were able to understand the intricate layout of the district. Our fabrics that we have previously launched in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya showcases African ecosystems and how by understanding data patterns we are able to make smarter decisions on how to connect people, technology and ultimately create sustainable solutions with purpose.

Data to FABRIC

The underlying data sets of one of the oldest districts in Accra - Jamestown was collected and overlaid on the topography of the town.

Making the pattern

The data layers that make up the pattern was informed by data of Jamestown's population, water delivery, gas lines, fibre, roads systems and land usage. Siemens expertise was able to extract patterns from those data layers to produce a fabric that is visually appealling and informative. This expertise allows us to provide cities, industries and commercial buildings with sustainable solutions that are resilient, efficient & above all - intelligent.

City Data Layer

The Data Layers of Accra - Jamestown

Every African city has a unique story, created by the lives of its citizens, told by their movements and expressed through patterns.  The Jamestown data provides insights into the district's current energy, water and infrastructure patterns which can enable us to make decisions that will benefit the community.

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