PSS®SINCAL – simulation software for analysis and planning of all network types

PSS®SINCAL – your simulation software for analysis and planning of all network types

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  • by transmission and distribution planning engineers, protection engineers, consultants, power plant and industrial network operators, operations planning engineers, IT professionals, researchers, and more.

PSS®SINCAL software

Independently or simultaneously analyze the impacts of low, medium, and high-voltage networks

Through its modular design, PSS®SINCAL is highly flexible and customizable. It offers a wide variety of analysis functions for the planning, design and operation of power systems, allowing you to simulate and study: power quality, frequency stability, distributed generation interconnection, protection coordination, restoration of supply, economic driven design decisions, and more.

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Key features and highlights at a glance

The platform

  • Interactive visualization of network models in schematic, geographic or multi-layer diagrams
  • Extensive data modeling of all types of equipment including smart grid data models
  • Open architecture for easy data exchange and IT integration including: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), SCADA, Distribution Management Systems (DMS), and Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS)
  • Advanced algorithms with multiple modules i.e. Power Flow and Fault Analysis, Contingency Analysis/Probabilistic Reliability, Network Optimization, Transient Stability, EMT and Eigenvalues, Harmonics and Flicker evaluation, Protection simulation & coordination, Grid Code Compliance

Graphical user interface

  • Geographical visualization capability that reflects the interactiveness of a GIS application
  • Interactive web-based overlay of online and offline background maps
  • Integrated network editor and report generator (List & Label) to simplify the presentation of data / analysis
  • Network models can be maintained in multi-dimensional view (schematic, geographic) for different tasks with comparison options

Network model

  • From a simple bus-branch to a full substation model – PSS®SINCAL can run various co-simulations off of a single network model
  • Network modeling can be done within a simple balanced and unbalanced system up to a fully transposed system
  • Large network model can be simulated with timestamps, variants, and can be split into separate models via the “include network” option

Simulation engine

  • High-level algorithms that are optimized for precision and performance
  • Due to the complexity of large data processing, the program works with high-speed, accuracy along with parallel processing
  • Big data is analyzed and processed (i.e., parallel processing) with high-speed, accuracy, and precision
  • Fully integrated modular structure allows users to customize their license according to their needs

Project management

  • Model management is based on standard databases (i.e., Microsoft® Access®, ORACLE® or SQL Server)
  • Users can perform and track various analysis by working off a single master database
  • Changes can be tracked and users can reference the initial case
  • Distributed databases can be temporarily linked together and reconfigured via “include networks”
PSS®SINCAL modules

Customize your platform

PSS®SINCAL offers a variety of modules for the design, modeling, and analysis of electrical and pipe networks. Enhance your platform further with model and workflow management modules for all network types.
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PSS®SINCAL in action

Customers around the world benefit from our simulation software for analysis and planning of all network types.
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