Sinorix H₂O Jet

Automated extinguishing solution based on water mist technology

Sinorix H2O Jet is a solution using the natural agent water and reflects Siemens‘ extensive expertise in extinguishing. Besides the latest technology, it also comprises a comprehensive service portfolio – from risk assessment, system design, installation, and commissioning to maintenance.  Sinorix H2O Jet controls or even extinguishes open, fast-growing fires in a highly efficient way at low hydraulic pressure. Using a mixture of water and gas, its unique two-phase flow technology generates fine water droplets – for a maximum cooling effect. Moreover, the solution is harmless for both people and the environment.

About Sinorix H₂O Jet

Unique two-phase flow technology

The unique two-phase flow technology generates fine water droplets at low hydraulic pressure - for effective control of open fires as well as for accurate extinguishing in object protection.


  • Highly flexible for both object and volumetric protection

  • Low-pressure system reaching the same effectiveness as high-pressure system

  • Use of SinorixTM CDT (Constant Discharge Technology) for constant flooding

  • Unique two-phase flow technology uses a mixture of water and gas generating fine water droplets

  • Droplet size and amount of water is tailored to the specific risk of fire for an enormous cooling effect

  • Two different nozzles: one for object protection, the other for volumetric protection

  • Innovative nozzle for object protection patented by Siemens

  • Usage of simple galvanized pipes possible

  • Harmless for people and the environment as water is used as extinguishing agent

  • Objects stays well accessible thanks to high jet length

  • Low maintenance costs thanks to easy and cost-efficient refilling

Technical overview


Nozzle pressure

5 – 8 bar (object protection), 10 – 15 bar (volumetric protection)

Nozzle opening

1 – 3 mm

Droplet velocity

50 – 150 m/s

Droplet size

150 – 200 μm

Jet length

Up to 8 m (nozzle for object protection)

Nozzle coverage area

25 m2 (nozzle for volumetric protection)

Piping network

Galvanized steel pipes, designed for 16 bar

Gas content by mass


Water quality

Low requirements (filtered water)


Nozzle for object protection based on Laval principle



Typical applications

  • Turbines and generators

  • Engine test stands

  • Production facilities

  • Storage for flammable liquids

  • Coating or painting lines


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