Webinar: Innovation in Transformers – Alternative fluids on the rise

December 7, 2016, 4:00 PM CET / 3:00 PM London / 10:00 AM New York
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Eco-friendly, safe and high performance insulation along the complete transformer portfolio

Alternative fluids are on the rise all over the world. Just like politics and science the energy industry is working on trendsetting solutions that ensure the safety and sustainability of the environment and population. One way of doing this is by exploiting renewable energy sources. But the efficiency and use of renewable resources in assets and equipment is also considered important. Alternatives to mineral oil are often used in environmentally protected areas and locations with a special need for fire safety. Today the capabilities of esters are nearly unlimited, as are the reasons why transformer operators decide to choose these fluids. They are used in almost any application and any locations – their benefits are just as numerous. And as these advantages are independent from the transformer size, they apply to distribution as well as power transformers up to the biggest ratings. The webinar focuses on the main regulations and characteristics of esters in comparison to conventional mineral oil. The benefits that apply to alternative fluids, like eco-footprint, safety, space limitations and performance will be presented on the basis of several use cases. Technological aspects will be covered as well as operational experiences. An outlook into future possibilities of ester usage completes the curriculum: After successful experiences with the first 420-kV-transformer filled with natural ester that will also be part of the webinar, Siemens now does R&D to drive innovation one step further: The tests with an HVDC demonstrator insulation agreement in our own labs allow us to now say that HVDC application with ester is also possible up to 500 kV DC. Tune in to peak in the labs of the innovation leader in transformer manufacturing! Webinar Audience Asset Managers, Transformer experts, Risk Managers, CEOs of utilities, Regulators, Governments

Green Transformers with ester insulation

Find out more about alternative environmentally friendly transformer insulation and current use cases.

Key Learning Objectives

Key Learning Objectives

Key Learning Objectives which summarise the content of the presentation

Key Learning (1)

Learn about characteristics of Esters in comparison to conventional used mineral oil  insulation liquids, what impact does Ester properties have on transformer design

Key Learning (2)

Ensure safe and eco-friendly voltage transformation while enhancing performance and efficiency of your assets.

Key Learning (3)

Increase fire safety: Minimize risks and benefit from the chemical characteristics of alternative fluids.

Key Learning (4)

Get an impression how esters can increase the performance of transformers and/ or Lifetime extension: Learn why esters might prolong the transformer lifetime.


Ronny Fritsche

 R&D Engineer Large Power Transformers
3 Questions

3 Questions or Polls which Focus on the Theme of the Webinar

Question/Poll (1)

Have you ever thought about making use of esters in the assets you are responsible for?

Question/Poll (2)

What do you consider the biggest advantage / disadvantage of ester in comparison to conventional mineral oil?

Question/Poll (3)

Do you consider yourself and/or your work environment as an early adopter for innovation?


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