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Unique by Tradition and Innovation

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  • The Dynamowerk is the oldest manufacturing plant in "Siemensstadt” Berlin.

  • We manufacture electrical machines with a power of up to 100 MW for a wide range of applications

  • Today about 400 employees continuously generate advanced ideas to develop innovative motors.

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We are intensively focusing on our portfolio and streamlining our value chains. Thanks to our motivated employees and the recently introduced Team development within "New Work" we are optimally positioned for the future.
Dr. Michael Suhr, Head of Dynamowerk Berlin


We are a renowned supplier of electric asynchronous and synchronous motors of up to 100 MW. 

Our customers come from a wide range of industries (oil & gas, chemicals, energy, metal and mining)

and use our motors for a wide variety of applications (mill drive, rolling motors, ring motors).



SIMOTICS HV high power motors cover a wide range of high voltage induction and synchronous motors.

SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn

SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn

The SIMOTICS HV series HS-modyn sets standards in high-speed applications.

Special motors

Special motors

Motors in the high megawatt range designed for specific applications in industries like Oil & Gas, Chemical, Energy, Metals and Mining.

Examples of manufactured motors are Mine Winder, Rolling Mill Motors, Coiler, Gearless Ring Motors, Conveyor Motors, etc.

Turbine replacement

Turbine replacement

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