Testfield and Balancing

Testfield and Balancing in Dynamowerk Berlin

At Dynamowerk Berlin we offer you testing space to keep your schedule on time plus high speed balancing – even if you didn‘t purchase your machine, rotor or drive from us!​ With our system test capability and our burst-safe bunker for overspeed tests​ we can save you valuable commissioning time and ensure that all components interact optimally. ​

Do you need…

  • to test your high power machine at full load​
  • a full combined test with the entire system (transformer + drive + motor)​
  • testing to meet or exceed IEC, IEEE, NEMA, API standards​
  • is your testfield busy and do you need a competent and reliable partner?​

Our solutions are…

  • full load capability up to 12 MW​
  • frequency from 5 Hz up to 300 Hz​
  • balancing up to 50 t and  20000 rpm​
  • full load combined test up to 100 MW (transformer + drive + motor)

Our Testfield

Unique test capabilities for you

Highly experienced engineers onsite focus on optimizing testing techniques to reliably accomplish these goals:​

  • Meet user specifications and a wide variety of special  operating conditions​
  • Proof of design to meet ratings, efficiency and power factor​
  • Meet and exceed industry quality standards​

With the ability to offer classification societies like ABS, LRS, GL-DNV and more, we can ensure your international requirements are met.​


We offer professional remote witness testing

If you are not able to visit our Dynamowerk in Berlin and a remote testing is desired, all you need is a fast internet connection. You will receive a calendar invitation with a link which provides access to the testing.

Our High Speed Balancing Facility

High speed balancing​

Our world-class rotor burst save balancing bunker is also available so you can verify performance and reliability of your application even overspeed tests are required. You can count on excellent vibration data at precise speeds so you can achieve high confidence and satisfaction.​


  • Ømax  2000 mm​

  • Lmax  9500 mm​

  • mmax 50 tons​

  • nmax 20000 rpm​

  • Anti-friction bearings ​

Safety & Quality - our DNA

We are committed to quality, customer satisfaction and delivering the best results in compliance with safety and quality standards. We are proud of our certifications which demonstrate our commitment to serving our customers with our state-of-the-art Dynamowerk testfield an balancing bunker.
Quality Management System
ISO 9001: 2015​
Environmental Management Systems
ISO 14001: 2015​
Occupational Health and Safety
ISO 45001: 2018​
Q.A. Nuclear Standard
KTA 1401​
Q.A. of the Production Process
01 ATEX Q 009-7​
Fusion Welding
ISO 3834-2​
Certificate, defense products
DIN 2303​
Welding permission
Germanischer Lloyd​

Complete Service Offering

For us, quality means understanding of your expectations and then exceeding them.​

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