Rohrdorfer cement

Using digitalization to shape a sustainable future

The challenge

Ensure maximum availability of the drive systems while keeping environmental impact low

The cement industry is a tough business: Rock is quarried, crushed, burned, and ground with high energy input until it becomes the building material that is needed in ever greater quantities everywhere. Companies need to decide if they either respond to the challenges of the industry with extremely high energy input - with corresponding consequences for the environment and climate. Or choose a sustainable future - like ROHRDORFER cement, a pioneer in this field.
The solution

The cloud-based digital service SIDIRVIE IQ for asset and field data

There is no such thing as digital cement, but digitalization can help to produce it more efficiently and sustainably. ROHRDORFER always wanted to optimize its maintenance and, at the same time, have a better service for their medium voltage converters SINAMICS GM150. This is where SIDRIVE IQ comes in: Continuous predictive maintenance, the clever use of energy, and the technological expertise of the right partner. All in one it means new perspectives for the future – and more time for the right decisions.


A good example is the ventilation system that routes waste heat from the kiln to the power plant's heat exchanger. Here, SIDRIVE IQ monitors the electrical performance of the drive system to discover mechanical or electrical anomalies long before they cause actual problems. The advantage is obvious: no loss of production time, maintenance can be scheduled in planned downtime. And because the SIDRIVE IQ experts can determine the actual cause, maintenance times are correspondingly shorter because troubleshooting and waiting for the right spare part are no longer necessary.


More about SIDRIVE IQ

How do you get the team to be more relaxed? When they all know there is less risk of failure, or that we have better availability, that’s the be all and end all for us. And it will be even better in the future, since SIDRIVE IQ gives us the database we need to be able to trust every choice we make.
Dr. Benjamin Geller, plant manager, cement plant Rohrdorf

Sustainability at ROHRDORFER cement

In terms of sustainability, we have installed a waste heat recovery power plant in the cement plant. It has a huge generation capacity, which covers 30 % of our electricity needs.
Frank Stocker, Head of electrical engineering at ROHRDORFER cement
The advantages

Shaping a sustainable and digital future – today!

At ROHRDORFER, trust is just as important as the latest technologies. The ideal situation is when both come together: increasing networking, digitalization, reliable components, and a partner who accompanies the path with the right technologies, who can provide important orientation and point out prospects, who reliably eliminates faults already after 30 minutes. A partner who, with SIDRIVE IQ, has deep insights into the technology and at the same time ensures the best possible protection of the data and networks externally: Siemens.