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Business enterprises are subject to dynamic processes. Megatrends such as globalization, urbanization, climate change, demographic developments, and digitalization all pose new challenges for companies and society as a whole. As a result, needs are changing, and demand is breaking new ground. This also has an impact on real estate: industrially used properties have to be newly developed or economically restructured. Siemens Real Estate is pro-actively shaping this transformation. With the Siemens Technopark concept that we’ve developed, we’re reinventing long-established business locations, creating new workplaces, and reinvigorating whole regions. Discover the recipe for success behind the Siemens Technoparks. Be inspired by our ongoing projects in Erlangen, Nuremberg, Ruhstorf, and Tübingen!
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Business meets city

Siemens Technopark Nuremberg

It doesn’t get any closer than this: Siemens Technopark Nuremberg is the only industrial location situated in the center of the city. Customers and business partners meet up, live, eat, shop, and socialize - all just a few meters away from the Technopark. The proximity to Nuremberg’s airport and main train station and the unique mix of space, service, and infrastructure offered by Siemens’ Technopark are additional benefits.

Facts & Figures

  • Address: Humboldtstraße 64, 90459 Nuremberg
  • Total rentable space: 183,000 m² 
  • Production: 82,000 m²
  • Warehouse / Logistics: 43,000 m²
  • Office: 58,000 m²
  • Parking: 1,600
  • Employees: 4,500
Space for development

Siemens Technopark Erlangen

Erlangen is on the move. The city with a long history and tradition within the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is reinventing itself - and the Siemens Technopark Erlangen is the new prime address for technology and innovation in areas such as electromobility. With its manifold opportunities to develop new office and production spaces, the Technopark is the perfect place for anyone who wants to put something special into motion.

Daten & Fakten

  • Address: Frauenauracherstraße 85, 91056 Erlangen   
  • Site area: 63,000 m² being developed
  • Total rentable space: 20,000 m² 
  • Production: 6.000 m²
  • Office: 14.000 m²
  • Parking: 700
  • Employees: 1,200
Energy flows here

Siemens Technopark Ruhstorf

Ruhstorf is full of energy. For decades, everything here has revolved around electrical drive technology, power generation and distribution, with Siemens as the central driving force. The Siemens Technopark Ruhstorf builds on this history with its focus on energy and future technologies. Established companies and start-ups alike find an environment here that promotes innovation and new technologies, and where economic potential is combined with a high quality of life.

Facts & Figures

  • Address: Hans-Loher-Straße 32, 94099 Ruhstorf
  • Total rentable space: 60,000 m² 
  • Production: 50,000 m²
  • Warehouse / Logistics: 4,000 m²
  • Office: 6,000 m²
  • Parking: 600
  • Employees: 600
Experience digitalization

Siemens Technopark Tübingen

Driving things forward – Siemens Technopark Tübingen is rooted in that spirit. Geared motors have been manufactured here for more than half a century, destined for applications ranging from wind turbines to conveyor belts. Whereas up to now conventional production was the main focus, digitalization and technical progress are now setting new trends. Tübingen is going digital – and the Technopark Tübingen is once again one of the driving engines in the region.

Facts & Figures

  • Address: Bahnhofstraße 40-44, 72072 Tübingen       
  • Total rentable space: 31,000 m² 
  • Production: 25,000 m²
  • Warehouse / Logistics: 2,000 m²
  • Office: 4,000 m²
  • Parking: 350
  • Employees: 400


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