Siemens Campus Erlangen

By 2030, the present Siemens research site in the southern part of Erlangen will be transformed into a vibrant urban district with an attractive campus setting, state-of-the-art buildings, a modern office infrastructure, large green spaces and outdoor recreation areas. 

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With the Siemens Campus Erlangen, the former research location of the company will not only be opened up, but a diverse range of gastronomy, shopping and services will also make the area a new district of Erlangen in the future. In addition to cafés and restaurants, the first service providers for daily needs will also move into Module 1.

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History of the research center  

Since 1965 when the first 1,500 employees moved to the new Siemens location, people proudly called it the "research city for power engineering". The research city turned into a research park where thousands of innovations were born, tested and brought to production over the past decades. Many of them have already become routine in our daily lives, while current ones will shape our lives going forward.

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