Module 1 

Module 1 of the Siemens Campus has opened and the first wave of employees have already moved in. 

Key data

  • Implementation: 2016 - 2020 
  • Rentable space: about 100,000 square meters
  • Workplaces: about 5,500 
  • Structures: 8 office buildings and 3 parking garages
  • Car parking spaces: about 2,600 
  • Bicycle parking spaces: at least 1,300

An urban quarter is born

Module 1 of the Siemens Campus already conveys a solid first impression of the flair that this new district of Erlangen will one day exude: open, vibrant, green, and livable. Spacious open areas and green spaces invite you to stop and linger a while. You'll be able to stroll under trees along the broad central axis, a promenade that will later stretch over a kilometer long through the entire campus, joining the modules erected across the Campus grounds. 




"The Siemens Campus is real gain for us, a new, modern district right in our city," emphasizes the Mayor of Erlangen Dr. Florian Janik with delight, and Thomas Braun, General Manager of the Campus, adds, "The wide range of businesses and services already in place now that Module 1 has been completed are attractively shaping and enhancing the Campus, and impressively demonstrating the direction in which the storied journey of this Campus is heading. We're creating an entirely new quarter in Erlangen that will benefit not only our employees, but also the entire city and all of its inhabitants." 

Siemens in Module 1

Module 1 of the Siemens Campus is springing to life now that the first wave of employees from Siemens Mobility having moved in. Siemens Mobility is a leading global provider of mobility solutions and connected mobility. Whether by road, rail, or new combined intermodal and digital solutions, Siemens Mobility is shaping the future of mobility.  


The Siemens Campus Erlangen is set to become the global headquarters of Siemens Mobility and home to its corporate management. Some 4,000 Siemens Mobility employees will be working on the Campus.  


The other three newly constructed buildings of Module 1 have begun filling up with occupants as of September 2020. Units from Siemens Digital Factory, Digital Process Animation, Global Business Services and Supply Chain Management as well as the Nuremberg-based Sales office have been successively moving into the Campus over several weeks. 

Who's yet to move in

Restaurants and cafes, shops and services

Right from the start, the conceptual planning of the Siemens Campus Erlangen integrated a richly diverse offering of restaurants and cafes, shops and services, all aimed at creating an open and vibrant new district in the city. Cafes and restaurants offer a wide range of foods and beverages for your culinary enjoyment, while service providers stand at the ready for office workers taking care of personal errands on their commute to or from work. These businesses are freely accessible for everyone in Erlangen to use, not just Siemens' employees working on the Campus.  




Here are some of the feature businesses in Module 1 set to open in fall 2020:  


Using only carefully selected, high-quality natural ingredients free of flavor enhancers, food coloring and preservatives, dean&david offers a menu of healthy foods all freshly prepared by hand. Guests can create their own favorite salad of fresh ingredients to their own individual taste with little effort – healthy and balanced eating for people on the go. 


dean&david also offers ever-changing daily selections of Asian curry dishes, a range of "good life bowls" (warm bowls of quinoa, select superfoods and fresh vegetables), as well as hand-rolled wraps, grilled sandwiches, flatbreads, and an assortment of daily soup specials.  


The BurgerHeart restaurant has been designed especially for the Campus, and is raring to go. The burgers, made of juicy beef, grilled chicken breast, grilled cheese, vegetarian meat alternatives or fully vegan patties, are served on a choice of four different buns. Accompanying french fries are served with cheese, sauces and other side dishes. Barbecue dishes and salads round out the menu. Their freshly prepared meals and uncomplicated restaurant feeling will make every guest feel right at home. 

Japanese restaurant Sakaya with a unique atmosphere 

Sakaya is a new Japanese restaurant on the Siemens Campus offering a menu focused on fresh and regional products prepared applying the centuries-old arts of Japanese cuisine. The owners of the Japanese restaurant on the Erlangen west side – who for years have delivered proven quality at the restaurant Hiro Sakao in Erlangen's Röthelheimpark – now seek to reinterpret traditional Japanese cuisine in modern and innovative ways. The team looks forward to welcoming any number of guests from the Campus and every corner of Erlangen, and salutes them today already with "Sayōnara, mata o ai shimashou," or in English, "Farewell, until next time." 


As an innovative trendsetter, Brothaus aims to link the modern with the traditional on the Siemens Campus. Whether at its classic bakery counter for takeaways or in the attached restaurant-style seating area, Brothaus features the fine traditions of the baker's art. Guests here will find not only the delicacies they know and relish from other Brothaus locations, this Brothaus is fully intended to be a cafe where guests can use the seating area as a co-working space. 


The owners are living up to their promise: "All of our cafes are innovative, paired with a simple elegance and purist design. No two locations are alike – and that's just one reason why we're delighted to be creating something extraordinary on the Siemens Campus in Erlangen." 

Primo Cafebar

Primo Espresso already operates almost 40 espresso bars today throughout Germany. This popular chain of establishments features perfectly-prepared espresso specialties, direct and fair trade coffee, friendly baristas and regional, select products. 


What the Primo team envisages for the Siemens Campus: "An urban quarter is arising here where research, innovation and international sharing of ideas and information will come alive. The Primo Cafebar is the perfect addition to this setting: a creative space for meetings and discussions, networking, conversations with friendly staff, fair trade coffee specialties and regional products. As a 100% carbon-neutral business ourselves, we look forward to the exchange and collaboration with Siemens, a company with the goal of becoming one of the world's first carbon-neutral global corporations by 2030."  

wohnref erlangen

Siemens employees and subsidiary and partner company personnel seeking apartments or other housing in Erlangen can turn to wohnref erlangen real estate and relocation service for comprehensive support. Whether it's about renting, buying, selling or relocation, short- or long- term stays in furnished or unfurnished units, wohnref has the entire region at its fingertips. They also offer assistance in handling appointments with the local authorities, opening bank accounts, taking care of registration and residency formalities, registering and deregistering motor vehicles, and finding and registering for local daycare and school availabilities. 


The wohnref team is convinced, "Our new offices on the Campus location will generate lots of positive synergy effects with Siemens, right next door to each other where we can all be easily reached." 

Schlenkrich Hair Style

Schlenkrich Hair Art and Schlenkrich Hair Style have been leading hair salons in Erlangen for 45 years, applying their know-how and enthusiasm for fashion, beauty and trends to achieve the personally customized looks their clients desire. 


The Schlenkrich team have big plans for their new salon on the Siemens Campus Erlangen: "Opening a hair salon on the Campus, this new, vibrant and green district of Erlangen, is the right, innovative fit for us. We're thrilled by the design of this state-of-the-art working world and its distinctly international flair in an urbane living environment! We want to offer our customers consistently high quality standards, modern working techniques and the best-trained stylists in a feel-good atmosphere of wellness." 

Renner dry-cleaning and laundry service counts among the best-known service providers in this industry in Erlangen. The firm is opening a new branch business in Module 1. 


The first Module of the Campus is already demonstrating just how easily accessible the location is. Three parking garages erected in Module 1 offer capacity for some 2,600 cars in total, along with charging stations for electric cars. Erlangen, dubbed "Bicycle City" and renowned for its culture of cycling, has a dedicated bicycle parking garage as well, offering around 1,000 bike parking spaces as well as lockers and changing facilities for cyclists. 


Multiple bus lines serve stops at Module 1, which is also situated directly next to the S-Bahn commuter rail station "Paul-Gossen-Strasse", where arriving riders exit directly onto the Campus. 

Anfahrt und Parken