Increasing property value with data 

Start-up Twingine launches on market  with BIM analytics technology

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Start-up Twingine launches on market with BIM analytics technology

  • The first BIM ready for real-world use by property owners and developers
  • Digital building models are linked with external data for BIM use cases
  • Successful field trial with Siemens projects

A team from Siemens Real Estate (SRE) has set up a new property technology start-up called Twingine. The cloud-based platform solution is the first to make widespread use of building information modeling (BIM) for real estate owners and project developers. By linking up digital building models with external data sources, Twingine can create specific BIM use cases - automatically and transparently. In this way, costs, profitability or even the sustainability aspects of new construction projects can be optimized in the early planning phases.


The idea for Twingine comes from two employees at SRE, and was supported by Siemens Technology Accelerator, the Siemens in-house unit aimed at promoting start-ups. Twingine will operate as an independent company with Siemens as a minority shareholder. Christian Schunicht, until now Head of Supply Chain Management at SRE for EMEA, will become the managing director.


"SRE has once again demonstrated its innovative prowess. With its future focus as an independent business enterprise, Twingine will contribute significantly to driving development across the industry," says Dr. Zsolt Sluitner, CEO of Siemens Real Estate. "By advancing BIM for the benefit of real estate developers, we've created a powerful analytical tool that's set to take construction projects to a whole new level."

BIM is usually a requirement for owners and developers of real estate projects. But, until now they've hardly been able to draw any measurable benefit from it, although they've had to cover the costs of their efforts. Twingine is the answer to this user-investor dilemma.
Christian Schunicht, founder and managing director of Twingine

Transparency in project planning

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution Twingine lets users at the planning stage apply a high level of automation to compare various versions of building models, fixtures and fittings, and develop the best real estate solutions for the given needs and requirements. Results are neatly visualized in intuitive dashboards. The application is browser-based, so it can be implemented comparatively easily and quickly.


"During the planning of a real estate project, building requirements are often specified in a way, which in actual practice do not necessarily deliver the best solutions. This can impact the facility's space efficiency, production and operating costs, or sustainability aspects. Twingine makes it possible to simulate a wide range of options, taking into account, for example, space efficiency, heating systems, or building facades," says Schunicht. "When you buy a car nowadays, you can configure the vehicle in advance with countless different features. Twingine now lets you do the same when developing real estate developments, and just as intuitively."


The comprehensive building model analysis of Twingine not only gives architects, real estate owners and developers automated, real-time insights, but also enables forecasting in web-based, well designed and easily understandable dashboards. This is in contrast to the standard practice today, where analyses relevant to real estate owners are usually only visualized for them - with some delay - as PDF or Excel spreadsheets. Twingine means users can also make use of existing building information models and standards, or configure their own requirements.

Proof of concept already demonstrated in Siemens new-build projects

Twingine has already been tried and tested in actual practice. SRE successfully uses Twingine in its own projects. At the new office complex called "The Move" in the Gateway Gardens district of Frankfurt am Main, for example, Twingine was used - based on models - to precisely determine and optimize space efficiency to increase the value of the building. What's more, SRE calculated the anticipated energy and operating costs of the facility to demonstrate – long before the cornerstone was laid, and much more precisely than conventional methods – what the expected running costs per square meter would be. Twingine is also being used for two major SRE projects: the Siemens Campus Erlangen, and Siemensstadt Square in Berlin.

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