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From strategic advisory to technical consulting and state-of the art simulation software solutions: Siemens Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) offers a holistic approach to mastering the technical and economical challenges of today’s and future energy systems. Drawing upon more than 60 years of experience and continuous innovations in power system planning, Siemens PTI is a strong partner to develop individual, innovative solutions which create sustainable value for our customers and turn change into opportunities.

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New challenges call for expert support

Reliable supply of electric power – at any time, any place, in any amount required, and always of the highest quality – is a key requirement for our modern, increasingly digital society. Meeting this requirement is everything but an easy task, and it has always relied on an extensive, complex, and sophisticated power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

Webinar: Integrated grid development planning towards a decarbonized energy infrastructure

As the energy landscape and our power systems are becoming increasingly complex, traditional, siloed grid planning practices are no longer suited to make well-founded investment decisions. Utilities need to acquire a holistic view of the energy system and on potential energy carrier options and alternatives. This empowers them to evaluate different planning scenarios against their efficiency and environmental goals. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Siemens’ end-to-end GT&D planning approach can help you derive a solid, targeted development plan towards a low-carbon energy future.

Planning for the future - the technologies on which city planners can rely

Smart Technologies can make life in cities safer, more productive, cheaper and more sustainable. Decentralized, renewable energy sources and storage, infrastructure for electromobility, smart streetlights, smart water meters – the list of promising technologies for the City of the Future is long and steadily growing. Yet what helps bring us closer to fulfilling our vision of a neighborhood life worth living? Read in this whitepaper, released by the Siemens Energy Business Advisory, how urban planners tackle such showcase projects.

Electric vehicle adoption to drive substantial grid impacts and billions in investment

Energy demand from private and commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging is expected to reach 791.9 TWh by 2050, per the latest Siemens forecast for the contiguous US, as a reference case scenario. Siemens finds most utilities are only just beginning to explore methods to address the pending planning challenge or the opportunities EVs present. This whitepaper explores the potential impact EVs could have on the grid and billions in investment. 

Versatility of Battery Energy Storage Planning

With the current and expanding opportunities for battery storage, utility planners and investors require appropriate analyses, valuation approaches, and tools to assess project value for this rapidly evolving technology. Within this whitepaper, learn how Siemens developed an integrated framework and analytical toolset to determine battery storage value for utility planning and merchant generator needs.

PSS®CAPE Compliance Module

Streamlining NERC PRC Analysis and Reporting

Power utilities in U.S. and Canada are mandated to comply with NERC PRC regulatory standards which seek to assure their protection systems prevent catastrophic outages and cascading events, while effectively clearing faulted conditions. However, demonstrating compliance with these standards and the associated reporting is a time-consuming and repetitive task. Protection engineers can now use the new optional PSS®CAPE Compliance Module to streamline the compliance evaluation process from automated protection reliability audits and studies to producing relevant reports.


The time for resilience planning is now

The electric power industry in recent years has experienced a significant shift toward higher renewable energy targets and lower carbon emissions. Many utilities, states, and communities are setting targets for nearly 100% renewable energy or (net) zero carbon. These goals require new, integrated approaches to planning that will ensure a reliable and resilient grid. Optimal solutions that balance reliability, sustainability and affordability often require comprehensive solutions across generation, transmission and distribution systems. In this whitepaper, read how Siemens Power Technologies International and Jupiter Intelligence are collaborating in providing services to forecast the impacts to the grid and critical customers of future disasters caused by wind, flood, extreme heat, drought, wildfires and other threats, down to a granularity of three meters, and incorporating this data into grid strategies and options for increasing resilience.

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