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From strategic advisory to technical consulting and state-of the art simulation software solutions: Siemens Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI) offers a holistic approach to mastering the technical and economical challenges of today’s and future energy systems. Drawing upon more than 60 years of experience and continuous innovations in power system planning, Siemens PTI is a strong partner to develop individual, innovative solutions which create sustainable value for our customers and turn change into opportunities.

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Protecting the Electrical Grid


The electric grid is changing. With an industry shift towards greener energy, utilities are facing new challenges as wind and solar plant connections increase at both the transmission and distribution levels. Within this whitepaper, learn about the emerging technical challenges for protection engineers, possible options for mitigation strategies, and how to leverage simulation and visualization tools to better understand the challenges presented.




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Reliable supply of electric power – at any time, any place, in any amount required, and always of the highest quality – is a key requirement for our modern, increasingly digital society. Meeting this requirement is everything but an easy task, and it has always relied on an extensive, complex, and sophisticated power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

Celebrating a half-century of technical leadership

A business built on integrity, ingenuity, dedication, and knowledge sharing.

From the very beginning, Power Technologies Inc. (now Siemens Power Technologies International) was defined by it’s technological strength. It all started in August 1969 when seven renown power system experts left the security of their full-time jobs to launch an analytical consulting resource that was independent of manufacturer organizations. By 1972 their need to solve client power system studies drove to the development of PSS®E, a superior transmission planning and analysis software that would then be offered commercially to meet the needs of clients around the world.  This technological strength was further reinforced with the 2005 acquisition by Siemens, enabling PTI to expand it's offerings with already well-known industry products and expertise. 


The industry has changed dramatically since then and what started as a small independent consulting firm has grown into an end-to-end provider of solutions from strategic advisory to technical consulting and state-of the art simulation software. Siemens PTI will continue to be pioneers and push technological development, continuously evolving their software solutions, developing consulting programs, and innovating new technologies for the greater needs of the power industry. Only when our clients succeed do we succeed.

" The Power Technologies International (PTI) transmission and distribution courses have helped a generation of professionals at Con Edison better understand the fundamentals of power systems engineering, design, planning, and operations. The curriculum integrates practical industry examples and experience into a traditional academic syllabus, making the coursework much more meaningful. The broad-based topic selection offers a wide perspective on the industry, providing students with a fuller appreciation of the many disciplines involved in safely, economically, and reliably transmitting and distributing electric power. Technological innovation and advances are incorporated into the curriculum as they are introduced, keeping the courses up-to-date. The long-standing educational collaboration with Siemens / PTI has given Con Edison a distinctive advantage in maintaining its position of technical excellence among electric utilities.

   - Dan Taft from Con Edison

Today’s complex grid infrastructure is changing faster than ever before. With the increase of renewable energy comes the need for distributed energy system concepts and energy storage. Electromobility and digitalization brings the need for data management. Ever changing regulations require infrastructure strategy and process consulting. And while the industry is changing, Siemens experts are ready to prepare customers for the future through a continuously refocused, broadened portfolio. Customers can now leverage innovative consulting services for DES design, eMobility stress tests, and digitalization strategies to optimize investments. While software customers can leverage the recently acquired world-leading protection software PSS®CAPE and an Electrical Digital Twin to ensure efficiency and reliability. The needs of the industry have driven Siemens PTI to continuously innovate and share technical knowledge to ensure customers are ready for day-to-day and future challenges.

Celebrating innovations of the future

From the original seven to over hundreds of renowned experts worldwide, Siemens PTI offers a holistic approach to mastering the technical and economic challenges of the past, present, and future energy systems. Now drawing upon over half a decade of experience and continuous innovations in power system planning, Siemens PTI’s renowned experts address the full scope of power system analysis, design and optimization studies. Experiences gained in international studies and the dynamic changes to the industry, directly flows into Siemens PTI’s comprehensive suite of power system planning and software tools which reliably support the power and energy industry around the world. Our strategic consultants help optimize business value by providing valuable advice in the fields of business transformation, infrastructure development, as well as market and transaction advisory. Siemens’ financial strength and regional competence centers around the world make Siemens PTI an ideal partner to develop individual, innovative solutions which create sustainable value for our customers and turn change into opportunities.

“The market we serve will doubtless change a great deal in the next decades, as will PTI's services and products base. For PTI, the constant in this equation will be the need to retain technical leadership in understanding the physics of system and power station operation”.
Lionel Barthold - Power Technologies International Founder

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