Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management at a glance

Value creation along the supply chain

At Supply Chain Management, our aim is to add value for Siemens and its customers. Our actions are consistently based on striving for innovation, productivity, quality and availability. Together with our suppliers, we rely on a competitive and transparent supply chain. In doing so we act with foresight and responsibility. Our ”Code of Conduct” is thus based on the principles of the ’Global Compact’ of the United Nations and the International Labor Organization.
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Digitalization within Procurement

"Digital transformation does not happen of its own volition. Its clear benefit lies in making collaboration with our suppliers and customers simpler and more efficient. To this end we put our faith in both new ideas and tried-and-tested applications."
Dr. Klaus Staubitzer, Siemens Chief Procurement Officer

Digitalization for digitalization's sake makes no sense for us

How we collaborate

Innovation is teamwork

Our activities are directed towards creating the maximum value for ourselves and our business partners. For this reason we are always looking for innovative suppliers who are eager to bring their technological expertise and creativity together with that of our own experts. We integrate this network into our customer projects right from the concept phase. In this way we create a crucial competitive advantage along the value chain.

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