SCM DigiNetwork

SCM DigiNetwork

Putting digital transformations into action

Driving communication in the digital age

Communication is what entrepreneurial and general business success is all about. The advent of the digital world means being ready to talk at all times. We have become aware of how communication goes both ways. So our activities ensure that everyone in your company knows how to contribute their ideas effectively, and you may be surprised where the next breakthrough idea comes from.

About the SCM DigiNetwork

We drive the digital transformation of Supply Chain Management

We push digital innovation. We promote digital mindset. We drive the digital transformation of SCM. For that, we offer a safe space to try out new ideas - even if they might look unfeasable or nerdy in the first place. We share learnings and best practices - within and outside our network. The feed and seed: A digital mindset - open, curious and adaptive.

In our SCM DigiNetwork, everyone can participate and present their digitalization ideas.

The DigiNetwork has spread out from Germany around the globe. Today, colleagues from several countries are engaged – the USA, the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, China and India. Within the network, there are various community groups that work topic specific, e.g. on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, MindSphere or Growth Mindset. 

Kickstarter for the Tech Group

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The SCM DigiNetwork - Meet the Team


Our communication formats

In our brandnew formats DigiSofa and DigiPodcast, we regularly invite guests to discuss digital topics with the worldwide SCM community. The DigiSofa is unlike classical webcasts, the audience is actively involved by posting their questions in the chat and getting answers immediately.

SCM DigiPodcast

Do you know our DigiPodcast?

Facing the digital transformation and recognizing innovative trends – this is what the DigiPodcast is all about.

SCM DigiSofa

Join our SCM DigiSofa!

Discuss with our digital experts in short episodes the facets of digitalization. Watch also our recordings.

Our projects and activities

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