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Supplier Portal

Innovative tools strengthen collaboration with our suppliers
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Supplier Innovation Platform

Our IT applications and digitalization programs

IT applications and digitalization programs

Digital transformation enables us to use innovative IT applications and tools to make collaboration with our suppliers even faster, simpler and more efficient. These applications cover both the strategic procurement process (Source-to-Contract) and the entire operational process from placement of the purchase order to invoice receipt (Purchase-to-Pay). 
Our strategic procurement platform

SCM STrategy And Realization - SCM STAR

We use our strategic procurement platform SCM STAR to administer our whole supplier and contract management, as well as our eSourcing Events (eRfX and eAuctions). You can find further information on SCM STAR in our Supplier Information Package and the introductory video. You can also download user guides and the terms of use at our Download Center.


Important note: Suppliers can access SCM STAR only by invitation from Siemens. If, as a Siemens supplier, you wish to use the application, please contact your respective procurement specialist.

How we link up with our suppliers electronically

Electronic Supplier Integration ESI+

The digitalization program ESI+ is an end-to-end solution for the optimization of the operational procurement processes between ourselves and our suppliers. Thanks to the electronic integration of Siemens suppliers, the process, from purchase order to invoice receipt, is standardized and digitalized. This improves data flow and makes us jointly even faster, more efficient and more transparent. At the same time, we reduce the effort involved for ourselves and our suppliers alike. With the ESI+ program we are thus laying the foundations for our future digital collaboration.
Where else are we collaborating digitally?

Further digital applications

Furthermore we use additional IT applications to make collaboration with our suppliers as easy and pleasant as possible. These include eSourcing platforms like Keelvar, SCM CART or a Siemens-internal application for electronic catalog management. Some of our business units work with the PLM Software Teamcenter, too.