Siemens Electronic Supplier Integration (ESI+)


Siemens is executing the Vision 2020. A major focus of this strategy is digitalization, across all parts of our business.

The digitalization of the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process has the potential to create value for all parties involved. As a result, the Electronic Supplier Integration (ESI+) portfolio of solutions has been introduced to digitize the Supply Chain from purchase orders to invoice. The future is digital and the future of P2P at Siemens is Electronic Supplier Integration (ESI+).

Going digital!

Digitalization is fundamentally transforming the value chain and offers major opportunities for all parties

Automated order processing. Speed. End-to-end visibility.

Manual errors removed. Quality improved. Efficiency.

Digitalization is not just a project - for us, it has become part of our strategy. Within the coming months, we will focus on Electronic Supplier Integration (ESI+) to raise the number of connected suppliers to significantly increase the number of digital transactions.

We are aware that this step may also require changes on your side. We ask you to join forces to capture the potentials for both our companies. Let’s unlock the value of digitalization in your order-to-cash and our purchase-to-pay process from beginning to end! Implementing this initiative will help both our companies to strengthen our business processes in efficiency and performance.

The future is digital – please join us on this path!

The future is now!

We live in a world of constant change, the only way to manage that change is for business partners to be connected. That way changes are managed together, with transparency on both sides. Our supplier chains are becoming increasingly global, with multiple ways of communication becoming increasingly complex.

Today we and many of our business partners are faced with some level of highly manual and error-prone processes.

Tomorrow business partners will be connected, sharing data electronically, automatically with minimal efforts, sharing in the benefits.

We believe that if we can work together to make digitalization a success, we can share the following benefits.

Classic EDI - SupplyOn - GXS

The ESI+ portfolio provides an option for each type of business partner, irrespective of your location, size or technical capability. You can experience the ease of use, the reliability and agility of Electronic Supplier Integration.

The Corporate Service EDI (CS EDI) supports the supply chain sub-process “Source” through the integration of suppliers into the electronic ordering and invoicing processes of Siemens with the solution package “e-Supplier”. The goal hereby is to integrate the supplier efficiently, while taking their technical data processing capabilities into account and reducing the number of interfaces in the overall process.

SupplyOn is the shared online platform used by numerous globally active companies – from Airbus, Bosch and Continental to Siemens, Webasto, Yazaki and ZF, to name but a few. As a supplier to these companies, you can process all business transactions with your customers within one central system via SupplyOn in a structured, transparent and secure manner.

OpenText is one of the most successful software and services companies in the world. They are a leader in Enterprise Information Management, helping companies manage information for improved productivity, competitiveness and customer experiences. OpenText™ Business Network is a set of solutions that facilitate efficient, secure, and compliant exchange of information inside and outside of organizations.

Together we will succeed!

We are by your side, from the very start, step by step throughout your daily business. Below is a summarized view of how we can start the change together.


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