Siemens History

From a small workshop in a back courtyard in Berlin to a global corporation: Few industrial companies can look back on such a long, successful history as Siemens can.

Experiencing our heritage first-hand

Siemens has played an impressive role in shaping the technological evolution of Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Come join us on a trip through Siemens history! Here you can find information on how our company has developed over the years and how Siemens’ technological milestones have revolutionized a broad range of industries. Learn more about the people who made our history. Discover our country profiles and Stories and get an overview of our work at the Siemens Historical Institute.

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Siemens Historical Institute 

Siemens Historical Institute 

The Siemens Historical Institute is the memory of Siemens. We have the task of documenting the diverse history of our technology company, founded in Berlin in 1847.

We safeguard, analyze and make available valuable written documents, photos, films and products from the almost 175-year history and development of Siemens and its predecessor companies.

Among our most important partners are the businesses and the regions, on whose behalf we carry out historical research and prepare the results depending on requirements.

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