Our history in Croatia

From the first business contacts to a global technology powerhouse­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Milestones of business development


Siemens Österreich (ÖSSW) agrees to build a municipal power plant with a lighting system for the city council of Agram (Zagreb)



ÖSSW supplies Agram (Zagreb) with an electric streetcar


Around 1910

ÖSSW opens a Technical Bureau in Agram (Zagreb)



Siemens AG in Yugoslavia (Jugoslovensko Siemens d.d. Zagreb-Beograd), with a heavy current and a light current department, is founded by ÖSSW and Siemens & Halske Vienna



Siemens AG in Yugoslavia supplies electrical components for the Karlstadt hydroelectric power plant and builds the power transmission line Agram (Zagreb)-Karlstadt



Siemens AG in Yugoslavia is dissolved and Siemens AG in Croatia is founded in Zagreb



Siemens AG in Croatia is dissolved



Siemens supplies remote control equipment for the state railways in Croatia


A Siemens sales company, Siemens d.d., is founded in Zagreb



Siemens and the Croatian Koncar Holding found a joint venture for transformers in Zagreb (Koncar Power Transformers Ltd.)



Siemens supplies the electrical equipment for the “project of the century” involving the water supply system and waste water treatment system at Kaštela Bay (Split)



Siemens supports the Croatian government in introducing a border management information system



Siemens signs a contract with ECO d.o.o. for the delivery of 16 wind turbines for the Zadar 2 WF and Zadar 3 WF projects making this the largest individual contract ever for Siemens in Croatia



The Ministry of Health and Siemens Croatia sign a PET/CT scanner supply contract for the Zagreb University Hospital Center



A Siemens consortium wins the contract for the delivery of a modern electronic signaling and safety system at Zagreb main station