Our history in Norway

From the first independent commercial representative to a global technology powerhouse­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Milestones of business development


The engineers Meinich and Wisbech become the sole agents for Siemens & Halske (S&H) in Kristiania (Oslo)



Siemens & Halske Norsk Aktieselskab, Kristiania (Oslo), is founded as the first Siemens representative in Norway under the direction of Peter Meinich



Norsk Aktieselskab Siemens-Schuckert is set up, which is merged with Siemens & Halske Norsk Aktieselskab



The company is renamed Siemens-Norsk Aktieselskab, Oslo



The share capital is transferred to Norwegian shareholders; there are three legal companies in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen with the company name of AS Proton



Proton receives an order from NATO for terminating equipment, with important follow-up orders



The three Norwegian companies are merged and renamed Siemens Norge A/S with headquarters in Oslo



One of the most modern traffic signal systems in Europe is supplied and installed in Oslo



An order is received for a national digital network for program transmission



Siemens acquires a stake in the newly formed Tandberg-Data S/A



Siemens supplies the electrical equipment for the three oil production platforms Statfjord A, B and C (northeast of Bergen)


Siemens equips the sports facilities built for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer with sophisticated lighting technology



The first integrated surface movement guidance and control system in the world goes into operation at Gardermoen airport, Oslo



Siemens delivers UMTS network infrastructure to mobile phone provider Tele2 in Norway



Installation of a digital radiology information system for Norway’s biggest healthcare district "Health Region East"



Oslo Sporveier, a public transportation company, orders 33 three-section metro trains, 30 more cars are ordered in 2005, 20 in 2008 and a further 32 in 2010, making this the biggest metro order in the history of Siemens



Siemens builds a country-wide TETRA emergency call system for Norway’s Ministry of Justice and Police



Eni Norge signs contract with Siemens for turnkey delivery of shoreside electrification system in Hammerfest, Norway, to provide electricity for the Goliat offshore platform in the Barents Sea



As part of the Subsea Power Grid development program Siemens opens a technology and test center for subsea equipment in Trondheim



The largest contract in healthcare history for Siemens in Norway is signed; it involves the delivery of MR and PET/CT equipment to hospitals in western and northern parts of Norway



Siemens delivers the 115th and final train to Sporveien Oslo AS (see 2003), this completes the biggest fleet of Siemens metro trains



Siemens equips Norway's first completely emission-free car ferry with an electric drive and supplies the associated charging stations



Siemens receives an order from the Norwegian state railway Bane NOR to digitize rail traffic. The ERTMS digital signaling system provides continuous real-time information on rail traffic

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