Our history in Singapore

From the first independent commercial representative to a global technology powerhouse

Milestones of business development

Siemens & Halske (S&H) assigns representation of its interests in the Straits Settlements to Schmidt, Küstermann & Cie in Penang and to Rautenberg, Schmidt & Cie in Singapore


Siemens Brothers Dynamo Works Limited opens a Technical Bureau in SIngapore


The representation of S&H and Siemens-Schuckertwerke (SSW) in the Straits Settlements is transferred to the Straits Java Trading Co., which operates offices in Singapore and Penang. Business transactions are handled through Arnold Otto Meyer, Hamburg


S&H and SSW appoint Cycle & Carriage Co. Ltd. as their agent in Malaysia and Singapore for two years


A new contract of agency is concluded with Guthrie Waugh for Malaysia and Singapore


Siemens builds a plant for the production of electronic components


Under a contract with Singapore’s municipal administration, Siemens supplies a total of 84 motors for three drinking-water pumping stations, as well as medium- and low-voltage switchgear


Guthrie Waugh Berhad represents Siemens’ interests separately in the two countries. For Singapore, the company is renamed Guthrie Engineering (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.


A Regional Company is founded under the name Siemens Pte. Ltd.


Siemens builds two gas turbine power plants, Pasir Pajang 1 and 2. With a maximum capacity of 140 MW each, the turbines for these plants are among the world’s largest


Siemens delivers a turnkey gas turbine power plant for Singapore’s Public Utilities Board

Siemens’ agent in the medical technology field, Rexton Pte. Ltd., is renamed Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.


Siemens Pte. Ltd. receives a major order to supply a complete power distribution system and process-control buildings for Conoco Indonesia


For Wieland Metals Singapore (Pte.) Ltd. Siemens equips a new cold rolling mill with automations and drive systems


Siemens sets up a Global Water Research & Development Center in Singapore


Siemens acquires Singapore-based Chemitreat Group to expand water treatment technology and services in South-East Asia


Siemens is awarded contract by the Land Transport Authority to install a highly efficient traction power supply for Singapore’s new driverless metro line, the "Downtown Line"


The City of Singapore and Siemens launch a study aimed at identifying the ecological footprint of the city in order to improve its energy balance


Brunei Shell Petroleum commissions Siemens with the expansion of its Champion 7 offshore oil-drilling complex; the company delivers the complete power generation for the platform via a single tier module