Our history in Thailand

From the first independent commercial representative to a global technology powerhouse­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Milestones of business development


Siemens & Halske (S&H) signs an agency agreement with B. Grimm & Co. of Bangkok



A German consortium consisting of Siemens and Voith receive an order from the Thai government for the most modern paper factory in the world, to be built in Khanburi



S&H and Siemens-Schuckertwerke (SSW) conclude new agency agreements with B. Grimm & Co.



Siemens supplies a geographical interlocking system for Bangkok’s central train station with 86 point machines and 45 signals; the royal train station is equipped with an interlocking system and centralized traffic control



In Bang Pakong, south of Bangkok, Siemens builds a combined cycle power plant, which can be fueled alternatively with gas, light heating oil and processed heavy oil



Siemens installs the first digital electronic switching system, EWSD, and becomes the main supplier of ISDN technology in Thailand



Siemens and T. N. Inc. Ltd. form the joint venture T.N. - Communication Systems Ltd. for the sale and servicing of Hicom PABXs



Establishment of Regional Company Siemens Systems Ltd. in partnership with B. Grimm Holding Co., Ltd. in Bangkok



The Regional Company is renamed to Siemens Ltd. The business operation is expanded to offer all Siemens business areas from one single source



Electrical & mechanical (E&M) turnkey contract awarded by Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc. for Bangkok’s first elevated mass transit system – BTS Skytrain – which goes into operation in 1999



Siemens is awarded the one and only HVDC Converter Project  by state power utility EGAT to connect the power grids between Thailand and Malaysia


E&M turnkey contract awarded by Bangkok Metro Plc. for the first subway line in Bangkok (M.R.T. Blue Line). For the first time in its history, Siemens supplies two turnkey traffic systems in one city



An order is received for the expansion of the GSM mobile networks in Thailand


2005 and 2006

Contracts are awarded to Siemens and consortium partner Marubeni to construct two 700-MW combined cycle power plants in Songkhla and Bang Pakong



The Expressway & Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand commissions Siemens with the installation of traffic management, tolling and communications systems for the Ramindra Outer Ring Project in Bangkok



A complete water and wastewater treatment contract awarded by MTH HPPO Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as part of the Thailand Growth Project



Siemens wins the first and largest wind farm orders in Thailand. This project is the first wind energy project by Siemens in South East Asia with installed combined capacity of 207 MW



Siemens receives orders for a total of 20  gas turbines with a total capacity of over 1000 MW, and an additional order for five industrial steam turbines. The contracts are part of the Thai government’s program to support small power producers (SSP)