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Managing the present, shaping the future – with our own history as a foundation

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The archive of the Siemens Historical Institute will remain closed to visitors until further notice. We will inform you here about the changes to the access restriction of the archives.


Welcome to the Siemens Historical Institute

The only way to master the present and shape the future is to know one’s own past – that’s the understanding behind our work.

As part of a communications team that operates worldwide, we have the task of documenting the diverse history of our technology company, founded in Berlin in 1847, as well as researching that history and making it accessible to a broad audience. The Siemens Historical Institute bridges the gap between Siemens’ history and its present and future. We reveal the continuity in Siemens’ history, and frankly and transparently point out discontinuities and disruptions. In this way, we also help heighten the company’s profile.

What we offer

Our tasks and our goals

We work with well-known partners from academia and in practical research to present the company’s economic, technical and social development, ­portraying it consistently with the highest scholarly standards.
Our institute

Our mission

By constantly reflecting in the present the guidelines, values, principles and core ideas that have provided orientation to our company throughout its history, and by infusing them with life, we make an important contribution toward the company’s identity – both for Siemens employees and for the societies in which we operate as a business.
Our target groups

Siemens Historical Institute – engaged in an open dialog

In our work, we’re concerned to maintain a dialog with all of our target groups, whether with Siemens employees, our customers and partners, representatives of government, business and society.
Our team

Faces of the Siemens Historical Institute

As experts in technical, business and social-history topics relating to the company, we serve as the internal and external contact people for all questions about the history of Siemens. We support the company’s communications and sales activities and help researchers and journalists in gathering information.

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