Reinforcing Siemens‘ memory

Experience almost 175 years of history in our archives

Siemens maintains one of the largest, best-known corporate archives in Germany. We have been the “memory” of Siemens ever since we were founded in 1907.
Our tradition and heritage are a source of inspiration for the future.
Nathalie von Siemens, great-great granddaughter of the company founder

As the central archive at the corporate headquarters in Berlin, we have the task of documenting and disseminating knowledge about our technology company’s almost 175-year history and development. We safeguard, lay open and analyze precious written documents, photos, films and products from the history of Siemens AG and its predecessor companies.

The Siemens Historical Institute currently holds about 10,000 meters of shelf space filled with written sources and 12,000 books.  The collection of stored information and documents has now reached about 30 terabytes. Our constantly growing collections include about a million historical pictures, as well as recordings of various speeches by Siemens managers. About 8,000 industrial, business and promotional films illustrate the history of electrical engineering and electronics from the 1930s to the present. Our collection of exhibits currently holds about 10,000 historical objects – a rich historical legacy.

Our holdings and current projects

Holdings and current projects – as diverse as our company history

Our extensive holdings and collections emphasize documents from the Supervisory Board, Managing Board and central corporate units. These sources are the foundation for all our historical work. Without them, it would be impossible to trace the main events, processes and contexts for the company as a whole. Legal questions are just one of the many reasons why it’s so important to reconstruct historical developments reliably. 
Our history

The history of the Archives

Wilhelm von Siemens, the company founder’s second son, already recognized at an early stage that the company’s history had significant potential. To celebrate the company’s 60th jubilee in 1907, he arranged to found a Siemens archive. For many years, archive employees were primarily occupied with collecting files and printed documents relating to Siemens and using this essential source material to reconstruct the company’s history. In the 1920s, this groundwork paved the way for the first publications about the founding and development of the company. 

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