Keeping Siemens’ history alive and vivid

New perspectives on our history

We make sure that Siemens’ history stays alive and vivid within the economic, political, social and technological setting of each era.

Siemens has a long, successful history that serves as the focus for the Siemens Historical Institute’s publications and projects. Topics are as diverse as Siemens’ history itself. They include biographies, presentations of specific questions of corporate and technological history, general discussions and complete chronicles of operations in particular countries. Depending on the topic and audience, the results of research appear in books, articles or lectures as well as digital products. We conceive and produce projects with outside scholars, archives and museums, creative agencies, authors and journalists to suit each topic, medium and audience. 

Our products

As diverse as the history of Siemens

Our products range from biographies to specific topics of corporate and technological history and from exhaustive studies to complete country chronicles. The result of our research – depending on the topic and target audience – takes the form of presentations, books, essays and digital or audiovisual media. 

Exploring things in depth

Through our own staff members or in collaboration with outside authors, we develop publications on topics of company history.


Here you’ll find a selection of current publications and research projects:

Going on a journey back in time

In the series JOURNEYS THROUGH HISTORY selected topics from Siemens’ past are highlighted. We embark on expeditions through the company’s history as we explore issues that remain timely still today. The series tells the stories of all that is special – from a perspective of past, present, and future.

Tracking lifelines

This series provides portraits of people who have helped shape Siemens’ history and development in various ways. The subjects range from the entrepreneurs who headed the company to individual board members, technicians, inventors and creatives.


The project also concentrates on including the lives and achievements of people who were not among the company’s top management. 

Experiencing history digitally

Media interest in historic subjects has grown sharply since the mid-1990s. In parallel, new electronic media and forms of communications have developed that have significantly expanded our activities.


Here is a selection of our current digital products, intended to inspire an interest in Siemens history among new target groups.