SIMATIC throughout history

From transistors to the digital factory. Automation technology is the backbone of industrial production; it makes facilities more productive, efficient, reliable, and faster. With SIMATIC, in 1958 Siemens lays the foundation to its role as a global leader in automation technology. Join us on our journey through 60 years of SIMATIC history.
SIMATIC Controllers in operation

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60th anniversary - April 2, 1958

Happy birthday, SIMATIC!

60 years ago, SIMATIC was born as the cornerstone of our automation history – a reason to celebrate! Don’t let yourself be fooled by this mature age, though: The best is yet to come…


How an automation system changes the world

Opening up new application areas for transistors in power supply: This is the mission of a small team of experts that works together at Siemens-Schuckertwerke in Erlangen in the mid-1950s. But what the engineers are developing will change not only the face of power technology but the entire industry forever…
What the future will bring

The story goes on

Intelligent production robots that solve new tasks autonomously and factories that continuously optimize themselves: What sounds like the distant future is already within reach today with SIMATIC. Learn exciting facts about the future of manufacturing.